1965 Men’s Tennis


Men’s Tennis has evolved into a sport that is super competitive and features athletes that rival the strongest and more physically fit individuals in the world. While the level of the athletes in tennis has not always been quite so high, there have always been great players out there that paved the way for the game to become what it has become today. The year 1965 featured some great tennis and great results in the Grand Slam events.


To understand the competition that took place in 1965 it is important to remember the results from the Grand Slam tournaments that took place the year before. These tournaments were dominated by the likes of Roy Emerson and Fred Stolle. These two players competed in three of the 3 final matches of these major tournaments. The only tournament that these players did not advance to the finals to square off was the French Open.


In these other three tournaments the two players would square off for great battles. Unfortunately for Fred Stolle, the tournament results were definitely in favor of Emerson. Emerson managed to take home the victory in all three of these finals matchups.


In 1965 things started off with the same trend that was seen in the previous year. The two players were both able to push their way through the Australian Open in their quests to take home a Grand Slam. These two players managed to make their way to the very end of the tournament, where they would once again meet for the title.


The tides had not turned from the previous year and Emerson would take home another Grand Slam title. This would be his 3rd consecutive Grand Slam event that he would return home as the victor. Fortunately these losses were not detrimental to Stolle, as he would manage to bounce back again and again.


The resilience of Stolle was seen when through his performance at the French Open. Stolle managed to make his way to the final match of that tournament. This was the only tournament the previous year that he and Emerson were not involved in for the final match. Stolle would play Tony Roche and finally was able to take home a Grand Slam title. This would end Emerson’s streak of titles at 3.


Emerson was likewise resilient and was able to bounce back after not winning the Grand Slam title. He looked great in his matches in the 1965 Wimbeldon and managed to make his way to the final round of that tournament. Fred Stolle looked equally impressive as the matches went on and these two players would once again find themselves playing against each other at Wimbeldon in the final match.


Many thought Stolle would finally get over the hump in this match, but he was not able to take out Emerson. Emerson beat Stolle in Grand Slam finals matches 5 times in a span of 2 years.


The final Grand Slam would be the U.S. Open. Neither Emerson nor Stolle would find their way to the finals of this match. Instead Michael Santana, the winner of the 1964 French Open, would make the finals to face Cliff Drysdale. This match would tilt in favor of Santana as he won a Grand Slam for the second year in a row.

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