3 Myths About How To Get Recruited For College Football

There are a lot of myths out there about the college football recruiting process that tend to hold young athletes back from getting into division I or II college football. If you want to learn how to get recruited for college football, here are a few myths that you can avoid

Myth 1
The recruiting process starts your senior or junior year when you send a coach a highlight film.
Actually the recruiting process can start much earlier, even as early as seventh grade. As a freshman in high school coaches are not allowed to call a prospect, return a call, or text message, but you can call the coach as much as you like. In addition to this many teams hold summer camps at their universities and you can contact a coach that way and make a face to face connection.
Myth 2
Your high school football coach will help you or is responsible for getting you a scholarship at the next level.
Many coaches are very helpful when trying to get their players recruited but ultimately, its you who wants to play college football and its your responsibility. Your coach has only limited time to help you and also, you may have the unfortunate luck of getting a coach who doesnt do anything to help you get recruited at all. If its going to happen, its up to you.
Myth 3
You have to have a great highlight tape to get recruited.
Although having great film and combine numbers are extremely helpful to getting recruited, especially at the Division I level. I have known players who have been given a chance to walk on to teams simply because they had a terrific work ethic and attitude. A good friend of mine went to a small high school where they didnt have a football team so he wrestled. Because he had a positive attitude and impressive work ethic he ended up getting a scholarship to a Division II school in California. If you really want to do something then it is always possible.
Learn the 3 myths about how to get recruited for college football, and how you can avoid them and gain a huge advantage in the college football recruitment process.

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-Josh Rice