4-Step Plan To Find Friends

4-Step Plan To Find Friends

If you have difficulty making friends then this may be the most important message you ever read.

Here’s why…

I was thinking about all the friends I have the other day and the experiences we had.

What first came to mind was a best friend from high school. Before he went into the marines we would go go-carting at Grand Prix Race-O-Rama in Miami. A few times we swam out to Peanut Island (once in the middle of the night.) And just a year ago I visited him in Hawaii for some unbelievable surfing.

Then there’ss my college buddies.

One time in Ybor city my buddy Clyde tried to hop in a car full of girls and they pepper sprayed him. Or my friend Mike and the orange and blue stingray underwear incident at a West Virginia strip club. I could spend at least 20 pages writing about crazy nights, grand adventures, and all the girls we’ve, well, I won’t go there.

And other friends I’ve met along the way. I’ve been mountain biking in Montana because of a guy I met at a gym. I’ve been surfing in Costa Rica because of a wrestling partner. And I’ve gone hiking along the Appalachian trail because of a roomate.

All of these experiences I can look back at and say, damn that was a great time.

It’s one of the reasons why I’m constantly on guard. Constantly looking out for new people to invite to the fun things I do. And constantly trying to meet new, fun and exciting people who will invite me along on their adventures.

Because I know the more friends I have, the more chances I have for bad-ass life changing experiences.

Now you may think all of this is just bagging. That I’m just telling you this to rub it in your face.

Not so. I hope you read this and get a little inspired. Perhaps LEARN a thing or two.

Actually since I’ve dedicated my life teaching people how to have more fun and be more happy, I’m going to share my 4-step plan to find friends. Here goes:

First. Determine what type of friends you want. Are they drinking buddies? Girlfriends for shopping? Softball teammates? Get a crystal clear picture of the type of person you’d like in your life.

Second. Go where those people are. You’ll find drinking buddies at a bar. Girlfriends for shopping at the mall. Softball teammates running around the jogging track. Pay attention and see if these are really people you’d like to have in your life.

Third. Open your mouth. Start a conversation and find out if they’re o.k. or big losers. Try not to act weird.

Fourth. Repeat as necessary.

O.k. I know that sounded simple. But it really is that simple. There’s possible friends all around, you just have to get off your duff and go find them.

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