42 Inch Plasma Televisions – The Top 4


Plasma TVs are beginning to loose price advantage and market advantage from the Liquid Crystal Display televisions. However, they still get strong support from the big names in electronics like Panasonic, Hitachi, Pioneer, LG, and Samsung. The Plasma televisions that they offer are favorites of fanatics of action flicks and sports programs. You must be thankful for saturated hues, excellent shadows and ghost-free pictures.

If you are looking for new Plasma TVs to prepare for high-definition broadcasts and players influx, some of the 4 highly recommended televisions sized at 42 inches are listed below. They all produce eye-catching aesthetics and stunning pictures.

Pioneer PDP-427XG

Pioneer 427XG is sharp, high-definition, classy in its all-black design. It has very vibrant colors, and it has professional video calibration. It is also 1080p-ready and has dual HDMI inputs. It is highly recommended for great sound quality and solid picture, however, there are just very few advanced settings that would satisfy deep-pocketed enthusiasts and videophiles.


Ambient reflections are pains for Plasma television owners especially for those with just limited ambient lighting and day time viewing hours. Many solutions have come but nothing really came close to eliminating picture-detrimental glare. LG’s clear filter technology is the latest promising addition. This TV is film-equivalent, it brings out new capabilities and advantages.

Samsung PS-42Q91H

3-HDMI flat panels were out since early 2006, most of them ended up in markets that are mature in Europe and in the US. It was not until Samsung PS-42Q91H made its entry that we got the chance to ease digital interface crunch. That being said, both dual HDMI and single DVI have less elegant configuration which requires an adapter. If you have loads of HDMI boxes, Samsung PS is perhaps the perfect TV for you.


Hitachi has high definition and standard pictures, natural reproduction of color, feature packed and future-proofed HDMI at 1080P, solid build, and reasonably priced. However, the HD compatibility only has native resolution. The PC texts are also not as sharp as those of its competitors. Overall Hitachi 42PD9800TA is feature-packed and it puts out really stunning high definition and standard pictures.

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