5 Key Danger Signs In Relationships That Tell You To End It Now!

5 Key Danger Signs In Relationships That Tell You To End It Now!

Have you ever met someone and thought you have met the perfect person for you? You are on cloud nine, in seventh heaven and everything is going your way. Then the cracks start appearing and you start to wonder ? If it all seems too good to be true, it doubtless is. By reading this article you will find 5 danger signs in relationships that will tell you it’s time to move on.

1. Domination

Does your partner enquire continually about your plans at every single minute of the day? Does he or she phone you when you are out, questioning when you will return or does he or she appear when you are with your mates to find out what you are up to? Calculating behaviour also demonstrates itself when someone tries to deny love until you give into what they want from you. If this is happening, this is power. It is one of the fundamental danger signs in relationships because if that control over a person is gone, this can lead to violent feelings and even physical mistreatment.

2. Contempt

Maybe when you first were attracted to each other, your partner was always explaining to you how relieved he or she was not to be with that dire person he or she was with before. It is a certainty that as the relationship continues, you will be the target of the contempt. If he or she is overly disparaging about what you say or do or what you wear, if he or she puts you down in public, then this is most likely happening already.

3. Justifications

Are you always making excuses for him or her? He or she forgot your birthday or just didn’t arrive again but you are always finding a way to explain why that was the case. He or she is not looking out for what you need and is basically doing what he or she wants. This kind of disregard is very dangerous and it will only get worse.

4. Lack of Honesty and Open Communication

Now I’m not even talking here about someone who tells lies to you. That would be a pretty dangerous sign. A reluctance or disinclination to discuss certain issues can be just as detrimental. This avoidance of true communication leads to remoteness and a lack of closeness between you. In order for a relationship to develop you have to be prepared to talk about complicated as well as pleasant topics and you certainly don’t want to have to treat someone with kid gloves in case they don’t like what you are saying to them.

5. Jealousy

Does your partner flirt with the opposite sex and then get angry when you object? Hand in hand with this is the inability of a partner to put up with you talking to the opposite sex. Jealousy is a symptom of extreme insecurity and is one of the fundamental danger signs in relationships since this anxiety can lead to a craving for power, anger issues and physical or emotional abuse.

So if you spot any of these 5 danger signs in relationships it is time to say goodbye but don’t walk, run!

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