5 Valuable Points For the Bird Novice on Successfully Caring For Their Pet Budgies



You must by all means necessary make sure that it is pair of budgies that you have acquired .As in a Male and Female.

Depending on the strain / mutation a cock may have a light purple / blue cere, which is the fleshy area where the nostrils are located above the beak; and the hen once in prime breeding condition will have a brown cere, this may be a light tan colour if the hen isn’t quite ready for copulation.


I can’t stress on the health factor enough because alot of beginners actually told me they picked an unhealthy budgie, unknowing to them of course; simply because it looked much more quieter and tame than the other birds which just wouldn’t stop flying around the cage frantically .

Please make sure that you future pet / breeding birds’ eyes are well open and bright, not half way closed. Make sure the bird’s beak and legs are not scaly, feathers are not missing or plucked out and you witness the budgerigar moving effortlessly in its flight.


For optimum health, your budgerigar diet should consist of a clean dust and mold free parakeet seed mixture; you can easily find such parrot food as some people tend to call it, from a wide range of pet shops and malls or stores that offer parrot supplies.

An occasional mix of vegetables, fruits and greens, interchanging these daily will help to keep your bird in peak health and bring it to a prime breeding condition .eg lettuce, apple and carrots, just make sure that you take care and wash them thoroughly before feeding to your bird.

Last but certainly not least a good soft food / egg food / rearing mixture this plays a heavy and important role in the rearing and parenting stage of your birds.


Where you decide to keep or breed your birds must be adequate to accommodate the decision or motive you have in mind and obviously the health and availability to exercise and flight room is of the up most priority to the budgies.

The aviary / bird cage / breeding house / nest box must be well disinfected and prepared preferably before you introduce the birds to their new environment.

Try not to cluster the bird cage with too much bird training or pet toys as the space is usually an issue and they will need as much flying room as possible.


This is by far the most important point of them all that i will mention today. Please do not start something that you are not going to finish.

Do not neglect your birds, they cannot go out and find food for themselves or fend for their lives ,you as the pet owner are fully responsible for your birds life and prosperity for it you who controls their diet, the amount of exercise they get and what nutrients, toys and facilities they have access to.

Hi everyone my name is Darcy Small and i am IT Consultant by Trade and an avid Aviculturalist by heart.
I have been breeding birds and keeping pets from childhood and there is nothing i enjoy more.
This is my first article for i am new to Ezine Articles but i have a lot of experience to share and hoping to learn a lot.
My bird blog is currently in the making and will be up in a few days.