5×4 Vinyl Banners for Football Games


5×4 vinyl banners is a school’s colors makes a great decorating idea for high school football games. Along with the 5×4 vinyl banners you can add some larger vinyl banners such as banners that are 5×19 feet and 2×20 feet. An assortment of different size banners will really make a high school stadium stand out for the attendees.

Artwork for the 5×4 Vinyl Banners:

When you are making up vinyl banners for a football game you have to think how large that football field is. It would be nice if you could get some local businesses who want to sponsor the games to advertise their business name on some of the banners. This way the school will not have to spend so much money on its own advertising. Also you might get the banner printing company to also sponsor the game and perhaps get some free banners from them. If the vinyl banners are sponsored by local businesses then you could supply your design specifications to them so their banners go with the rest of the banners.

Generally a company will use their own name and logo and perhaps the name of the teams who are competing on the banner. Any 5×4 vinyl banners can be hung around the grand stands so they can be read from a distance. Of course school mascots and school colors would be the perfect design for these 5×4 vinyl banners. If the school or the football teams has a slogan or theme song parts of that might be printed on the banners.

Why Big Vinyl Banners are Economical:

Banners are made of sturdy vinyl or can be ordered in a mesh fabric if the foot ball stadium is in a very windy area. The more vinyl banners you order, the lower each banner will cost making for a money savings. If properly cared for, they can last for three or more years so each year when the football team starts its season you can use the same banners each year. The grommets at each corner of a vinyl banner make it easy to display. Vinyl banners can be used in any kind of weather conditions. Neither snow nor rain will harm them. Unlike paper flyers, they don’t litter. Unlike newspapers, they aren’t used for yesterday’s garbage. So you certain can reuse the school’s vinyl banners. The 5×4 vinyl banners need little care, just hose them off.

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