6 Steps To Successful Online Dating And How To Make New Friends Online

Are you frustrated that you have not been able to make new friends online or perhaps find a date online?  If yes, you are not alone, lots of people find themselves in this situation too but there is a solution for you.
This an easy but extremely powerful step by step walk through guide will demonstrate the important steps that you can take when planning to, or actually searching for a date online – whether on social network sites like Facebook, MumsNet, or a free dating site like Worbuzz, the process is the same.
Step 1Be Polite.  There’s an old sayings that “respect is reciprocal”, although the saying may be old but it still holds true for the present time and would ever be as long as humanity exists.  Essentially, what this means is: you need to treat others as you would like to be treated.  If you are courteous to people in your approach, attitude, communication, and behaviour, then you are more likely to enjoy the good company of other people.  Show good manners and a positive attitude.  This is a key step to finding success online.
Step 2. Use a reputable website like Worbuzz.com which is a broad-based site with members coming from a variety of backgrounds looking for different types of relationships.  Whether you are looking for heterosexual, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender relationship, Worbuzz gets you covered.  The site is actively moderated.  Start by creating your personal profile, upload a profile photo and a couple of great photos in your photo album.  Doing this very important step undoubtedly brings about the start of building trust between you and the rest of the online community.  It is an opportunity to market yourself.  I’d like to emphasise the importance of creating your personal profile and filling out details about you but keeping it short and clear, this is because lengthy write-ups is highly likely to be a turn off to so many and might as well explain the reason why you have not been receiving any replies to your messages.  If you failed to fill out your profile information, your profile is as dead as your online ambition to find someone online.  Reason is simple, no one is interested in a blank or vague profile.  Imagine if everyone else didn’t fill out their profiles, then it will be impossible to know who is who let alone make any meaningful contact as doing so will be a pointless exercise trying to make contact with a ghost.
Step 3. Get into the habits of contributing meaningfully to discussions, initiate discuss, make comments, make contacts with other members of the community by private messaging, and in chat rooms.  Post decent posts with high tastes whether they are text banners, banner images, texts, or just sharing other people’s posts, make sure you are active in the community and be seen by people.
Step 4. Use discretion in what you share, says, or reacted to by portraying yourself in good light.  Be yourself and not somebody else.  Be vigilant and be careful of what information you share online.  Never share your personal information with strangers you met online.  Don’t give out yourself to potential risks of fraud, stalking, and sexual violence.  Never ever be overwhelmed with emotion to give money or other things to people you meet online, you may be a target of online dating scam.  Don’t fall victim.
Step 5. Allow time don’t rush things.  Try to take things slowly and allow your contacts time to reply you.  Never inundated your contacts with lots of messages, doing this will only work against you.  Give time for meaningful conversation to start and invariably building a relationship slowly but steadily.
Step 6. Learn how to accept rejection if someone rejected your advances, never resort to bullying, intimidation, abuse, harassment, or making any unsavoury remarks.  This is normal.  It simply mean they weren’t interested in you or share similar interests as you.  In this case, just move on and keep trying until you find someone who also like you.
This article was written for free by Olux – a professional writer.  Courtesy of Worbuzz is a free dating site where members meet new people with shared interests and make new friends, chat online, in chat rooms, and on the go using Worbuzz Messenger.  Worbuzz Messenger is available for free on Google Play and Apple Store.