7 Secrets of great dating


Here are 7 big secret to dating. Discover them you will be successful in
relationships and communication.

1. “They” How much is enough in the dating?

One of the concerns of women participating in the appointment is to wear something to fit
re pretty confident? Many of the young women to expose that body part will be easy
opponent effortlessly charming and have an appointment Monday. That’s true if you are confident
on his body and the “open” nice and polite.

A study has shown, women prefer rich men around 40% in the
first date. So if you are confident with their feet they wear short skirts.
If you like wearing jeans then combine it with wide-neck dress youthful.
Remember one thing, he’ll think of you if you leave some impression
with him, so just how sexy is also full of things to explore.

2. Should women take initiative?

Many people believe that if women feel strong confidence, it is possible the
dynamic dating men, not necessarily waiting to open his first words.
However, this seems like a good advice is not that much.

Sometimes, the women are so strong that men do not like. Therefore, you should
give him the right to strike. The best way is to wear beautiful makeup
cute and clever guy suggests …

3. Should focus on the differences

Speaking of the same interests can make you become close and intimate,
however, when talking about a new hobby that you have discovered about each other.

Learn new things about a new friend who is always attractive, so
please focus on the interests of two different people to create attractive
and discover.

4. Should be natural diet

Men are not interested in dishes that call woman, but what makes him aware
is how to feed her. A girl like eating cat food and always choose
such as low fat salad makes men feel she is fake and what is not true.
So the best way is to eat natural and comfortable.

5. 63% of men paying attention to the shape of the girls

Many girls the idea that men will pay attention to the eyes of the girls first
first but not necessarily so. Research has shown, 63% of men aware of
Designs of the girls when they met.

Only 28% of men remembered the girl’s eye color is what, but if asked about
appearance of the men she could describe meticulously ..

6. Do not open immediately on his facebook

Many girls met as soon as it had intended to facebook to find out about
his relationships. In essence, this will destroy the relationship of two people.
It will make you curious, then jealousy leads to bad things in the relationship.

So best not too curious about him in the first phase, let everything

7. Should say a lot about myself

Women have a misconception that started the conversation by placing multiple questions
ask for the enemy and say little about yourself. This was a mistake. Ask about others
is a good thing but let’s talk about strengthening yourself, it makes women increased
more attractive and makes men want to know about her.

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