A Basic Guide To Understanding The Latest Fantasy Trend – The Weekly Fantasy Football


You may have been playing fantasy football for quite some time now or perhaps have heard about the buzz of fantasy sports. Well, there is a new trend in the fantasy sports world. It’s a relatively new type of fantasy game called ‘Weekly Fantasy Football Leagues.’ The fantasy sports world has grown and blossomed into becoming a major aspect of sports pop culture, as well as a major hobby for most sports enthusiast around the globe.

Fantasy sports is, without any doubt, a fully grown, ever increasing billion dollar market. In North America, specifically Canada and the United States, there is an estimated thirty million participants hooked on Fantasy sports.

Just to give you a perspective on how huge an industry fantasy football has become, even the real life major sports in which fantasy sports is basically based on participate in playing this growing phenomena.

In your traditional league of major sports, a team owner drafts a team, through the Internet or in actual live fantasy drafting, and does it in the preseason. The owner’s draft picks will be his for the entire duration of the season.

Only through free-agent players and smart and aggressive trading can you slightly change your team, player by player. However, the founding team is basically what you, the owner, has picked.

This element of transaction and trading process is the basis of the latest trend — weekly fantasy football — a growing type of fantasy sports. It has branched out into weekly fantasy football, weekly fantasy basketball, weekly fantasy baseball, etc.

Different fantasy leagues adapt to different methods. How you play weekly fantasy football is different depending on the various sites.

In weekly fantasy football, an owner of fantasy team chooses his fantasy football team on a weekly basis.

There are also versions in which fantasy owners choose their team on the basis of their salary. A player will get a set amount of monetary value while the fantasy NFL athletes will be given a sort of price value which is based on that athlete’s real life performance.

Choosing a new set of teams on a weekly basis for a weekly fantasy football game is pretty challenging and quite exciting. You, the owner, will really have to research the stats of each players. The main role of a fantasy owner is to be able to spot potential players who are what they call ‘diamonds in the rough.’

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