A Free Sci-Fi Action Adventure Smartphone Game – BioSys 3011 End of World

A Free of charge Sci-Fi Action Adventure Smartphone Game – BioSys 3011 End of Planet

Science fiction videos with futuristic method are usually adored by the gamers worldwide. Here is a new one in this genre, playable on your smartphones. Created and published by Finger Enjoyable Studios Limited, BioSys 3011 – End of Planet is a Sci-Fi action-journey third individual shooter game. The game is designed for Google Android OS and Apple iOS.


The game is set in the future planet of 12 months 3011. The Planet War 4 has just ended with most of the globe destroyed, due to nuclear wars. The use of nuclear technology has for that reason been banned, even for generating consumable power. BioSys in this circumstance is an electric provide business that has reached a breakthrough with the newest supply of electricity. The supply is named as ‘Whight’ (White Light) and is extracted from the core of earth, which is fading the planet. With this new technologies, BioSys sets its monopoly in electrical supply. In addition to that, BioSys is also creating M5 virus that mutates the residing organisms into monsters.


The major aim of the player in this game is to carry down the BioSys and its threatening operations, before it destroys the world fully. As this is a run and shoot game, the player would come across diverse enemies like the mutated army of BioSys, robots and monster fishes. The protagonist will be provided with weapons and tools to battle these enemies and dethrone BioSys, as this is the only way to conserve the planet from self-destruction. The overall gameplay is divided into a number of amounts. As you make yourself via one degree, you will encounter a more demanding one up coming time.


You will be playing as Alexa, an underground youthful researcher. When you locate the truth about BioSys and its evil purposes, you rise up with a mission to finish the realm of BioSys. In your voyage to conserve the planet, you produce the expertise to battle your opponents. You are capable of clever moves to save your self and battle expertly.


As the general game scenario is set in a large-tech potential world, how could the character stand towards the enemies with bare hands? The major weapon utilized by Alexa is a large power polarizer gun. As the game proceeds, you will discover yourself equipped with a lot more higher tech gear like bionic suites that support you to bear the enemy rounds to some extent. The one particular I identified the most potent of all was, a submarine powered with the ultimate weapon.

Graphics and Controls

This action-adventure has definitely stunning 3D graphics that appear truly good on the smartphone screen. Additionally, the game delivers thrilling sounds with its very own initially composed music in the background. It is fully touch optimized, as it is playable on touchscreen smartphones.

BioSys – End of Planet is undoubtedly a fantastic experience for gamers who are devoted to action RPGs, sci-fi and free multi-degree adventure video games. It is downloadable from Google Perform Keep and Apple App Keep with out any cost.

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