A Guide To The 2010 Fantasy Football Games – Read And Win


Are you one of those football fanatics? Perhaps you like Eli Manning or a big supporter of the New York Giants. If you passionately said yes and even mentally mentioned the quarterback you support or you are fond of wearing a National Football League jersey, well, congratulations, you truly are a football fan.

What is even further proof of your NFL fanaticism is if you play fantasy football games.

As much as you love the game, do you sometimes feel like you are just an average, if not, mediocre fantasy football owner? Or perhaps you have just entered the world of fantasy football games and want to be oriented with how it works? We are here to give you a bit of a starter and even shed light on how the Giants’ real life performance can affect your fantasy football games.

First, fantasy football games are great and during the fifth week of the National Football League season, things get more exciting. Players and teams have been filtered in the fourth week of, what I love to call, the “so long bye” week.

Having week four done means you don’t have to obsessively monitor the football player or the defensive line for as long as the season lasts. So, you can just leave the player be and don’t monitor him much as the only thing that can affect him badly is if he has an injury. The filtering out of the bye week allows you to just choose one defensive fantasy football player until the year’s end. This means you can concentrate on other aspects of the fantasy football games, including having an open roster place for one more skilled player position.

Another tip in playing fantasy football games is carving out a routine. Following a fantasy football routine is one step in winning. It is easy advice to follow but one that is ignored by most football fantasy player. An important routine is always having the habit of researching about players in your team and about NFL news in general. This research includes checking the status of bye week – who has been injured or who has been benched. Also, make it a habit to analyze the current offensive rankings, as well as defensive rankings. Check the lineup of your team, the mood of the players, etc. You get the point.

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