A Mature Dating Relationship That Lasts


The deep conviction and commitment that are the mark of the real love that everyone seeks comes from approaching an individual with humility and care. While the world today usually tends to focus on personal needs and what you will take from the relationship, a mature dating relationship requires that you think about the others individual needs as well. Instead of a relationship geared around you, it must be one to focuses on your growth together, and part of that growth hinges on sympathizing with the other persons needs.

Selfishness causes many relationships to end even when the two individuals involved did have love for one another. You must be willing to sacrifice in love so that the relationship will survive the good and bad times. By learning to surrender, you can develop a mature dating relationship that lasts. Though surrender is often viewed as weak or inferior, it facilitates a romance that wont flare out.

While many take surrender to mean that you are giving up or forfeiting, this is only true in some circumstances. In the case of love, surrender means being strong enough to let the other individual have their way. Day to day decisions like what to eat for dinner can make or brake a relationship to a standstill if you aren’t willing to accommodate the other person. By allowing your own tastes and opinions to take a backseat for the other person, you are empowering that person to do the same for you. It is this cycle of give and take that is at the heart of a good relationship in which both parties feel accommodated.

Surrender requires a dedication to the well being of another individual as well as the humility to understand that you don’t always have to be right. While men are often turned off by the idea of surrendering their own wants, the strength that is displayed through their selflessness has the capacity to win a woman’s heart forever. By serving your partner, you are kindling the flames of the relationship so that it burns higher and hotter until both parties are engaged in actively seeking out ways to satisfy the other. This heightens the love that you experience together.

When both parties refuse to surrender, a fight ensues that can drive a divide in between a relationship to the point of breaking up. We must learn to fight the inner brat in all of us who is fighting to have our wants and desires fulfilled every minute of every day. This happens in day to day interactions, like during long waits in line at the airport. These moments come and go, however, and a mature relationship relies on both parties ability to sustain humility throughout the course of their time together.

To find true love you must surrender your will and desires to the needs and wants of the individual you are forming a relationship with. By allowing them to feel special, you ensure that they will appreciate you for your character and that the relationship will grow.

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