A Parenting Curriculum is a Phone Call Away

A Parenting Curriculum is a Phone Call Away

Most often than not, parents find their children a handful both emotionally and physically. They love their children and want to give them the best they can – and always feel that they could have done better if they found/ had better guidance. Parents mostly feel lost when it comes to establish a mutually respectful relationship which can alternate love and respect effortlessly.

Where Do You Look for Parenting Guidelines?

Usually, when you are stuck in your day-to-day parenting chores, you tend to ask your parents – because in your mind they would know best. Similarly, you should understand that for a child, the parent is the ultimate authority often for life – though this would not be visible at the first glance.

It would be great if there was a parenting curriculum, which could act as a standard for all parents. Since this is not there, it is left on the intelligence of the parents to work out the best solutions when they have a problem with parenting; the internet is priceless for this purpose. One can search and find parenting forums, chat lines, websites, books and even hotlines for experts which can provide much better guidance than any parenting curriculum would have ever done.

Your Own Parents

The best parenting guidelines would always be your gut feeling and the advice of your mother. Whenever you feel that you are stuck, all you need to do is to get in touch with your mother and ask her how she would have handled it. Unfortunately, most of us lose emotional touch with your parents after we marry and settle down to raise our own family. We often forget that both the ‘school’ and the ‘parenting curriculum’ can be found in our own parents!

There are a lot of things that experience hands down over to parents along the years; and often this experience becomes a private parenting curriculum, which is bundled tightly in the mind’s attic waiting to be unfolded and used at the appropriate time. Hence, you will never find a better parenting curriculum or guidance than that your own parents collected over the years to hand over to you. This is why the relationship between parents and their children and that of children and their grandparents is so meaningful.

Of course, for those who cannot reach out to their parents, there are millions of websites which can act as surrogate parents in difficult times. Fortunately, the internet can be used at any time of night and day with excellent results. It is very rare that you search something on the internet and you come up empty-handed – parenting help included.

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