A Simple Fig Pudding Preparation Procedure


Traditional fig pudding is in reality a new thing to most Americans. Even so, almost all of them have heard of it in the famous Christmas song – We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Puddings are desserts, usually served on Christmas day itself. It has a long, rich history traceable around 14th century in some European countries. Its image looks like a delicious brown cake and it includes flavoring figs, apples or even dates.


Since it is an old cookery thing, you can expect to find very many recipes. They all have a similar detail however, as they usually need above two hours time allocation. Xmass is a time to celebrate not only the birth of Christ, but also your darling friends and family. That means that you would be willing to try anything to make them happy through out this festive season.


Preparing a delicious fig pudding that virtually not everyone you know has tried before would be special. The procedure is not very complicated if you know how to go about it. Let us analyze the basic requirements for making it. These include the following.


• Eight ounces of dried figs, eight ounces of sultanas, eight ounces of breadcrumbs eight ounces of dark sugar and eight ounces of suet (a type of animal fat).


• Four ounces of mixed peel and two ounces of plain flour


• Orange juice and rid and a quarter pint of Rum or Brandy.


• A teaspoon of blended spices and a pinch of salt


• Four eggs


The ingredients grouped above would certainly be enough for preparing two figgy puddings for about eight people. The procedure of preparing these xmass dishes is very easy and direct. Follow the simple steps analyzed below.


1.The first thing you have to do is to cook your dried figs for about half an hour. You could use a boiler to do the boiling. As soon as they appear soft, then crush or marsh them with an appropriate appliance.


2.Put all the other aforementioned ingredients in a big bowl or basin and mix them together thoroughly.


3.Butter or grease two other bowls and put the mixture inside them but do not overfill. Next, cover properly with a grease-resistant paper and improvise a string handle on the basins.


4.Proceed to warming up water in another boiler and then place the bowls hosting the pudding mixture inside so that they float effortlessly. You could even add more water as it evaporates.


5.You need to wait for many hours, sometimes even above four because in this case you would be cooking for eight people.


6.As soon as you know its ready, according to your recipe, turn off the boiler and allow the puddings in the two bowls to cool down. You could even place it in a cool, dry and dark place to cool down gradually. Traditionally, you should forget it there for about 14 to 21 days.


7. On Christmas day, you can reheat the fig pudding for about two hours in the pressure cooker or using the boiler method. Additionally, you could at least garnish it with anything you like.

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