A Summary of Potential College Football Picks for this Month


So I see you are doing your homework and researching before wagering on your favorite college football picks. Well, good for you because as they say, the more knowledge you have about the game, the better your chances of beating the odds slash the house.

Let us give you a summary of this week’s American college football performance. Check whether any interesting news can lead you to an even more interesting wager.

To be quite honest, we need a great deal of recovery which we did not get this bye week.

Everyone stood to watch the anticipated match between Texas and Nebraska, rival colleges in our football pick. This game is headed off by Nebraska paving the way for Big 10 with a rematch deemed controversial as it progressed to the big twelve title card game. Amusingly, we saw a t-shirt from a Nebraskan t-shirt maker stating .01 – this refers to that needed .01 second which was clocked last 2009 December that gave Texas a kick which led to a winning field goal victory.

Bets are leaning towards Nebraska by 8 figures, but really don’t ponder too much on this one; neither should you bet your whiskers on the Alabama-Mississippi matchup. Don’t rely on college football picks Iowa-Michigan either.

We don’t have much love for the competition (not too much of feel good moments these days).

Previous week: 5- 0
This Season: 12- 0- 17
Salute the 5 star specialty: 2-4
We have spread all of the picks.

The State Boise at San Jose State

My first idea was that the Spartans will be having a forty plus lead, which will beat college football picks Nevada as well as Wisconsin. They deserve much respect, these two teams. However, I totally ignored my gut and chose San Jose.

The Wisconsin over Ohio State (- 6.5)

Wow, the Buckeyes brought the destruction hammer on a difficult road setting, pitting the teams. Picked Ohio State.Hello South Carolina (-6.5) Kentucky

Didn’t support the S. Carolina team and bet against them. Good thing I chose Kentucky.

Hello Nevada (with -8) at Hawaii

Hawaii won! Great, but the team I picked was Nevada.

So here are your top ranking college football picks for this month. The winners were Ohio State, Boise State, South Carolina, Missouri & Nevada.

Special five stars to Ohio!

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