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Mobile Football Content 2008-2013: Strategies and tactics for engaging supporters through mobile content Jun 2008

With the UEFA Euro 2008 tournament now upon us, is this really the time for football to shine as the premium source of mobile content? Football is a huge business, followed by billions of people around the world. The FIFA World Cup 2006 was watched by a cumulative audience of 5.9 billion viewers in 200 different countries. With the European Union announcing in March 2008 that the UEFA Euro 2008 tournament would be a showcase for the mobile TV standard DVB-H, now is the time to kick-off your plans for making the most from soccer-related content. Football clubs, leagues and organisations are all seeking new methods of obtaining revenue, and mobile content is definitely a way to capitalise on that. But what are the best strategies?

The latest edition of visiongain’s reports to look into the subject of football as mobile content, Mobile Football Content 2008-2013: Strategies and tactics for engaging supporters through mobile content, investigates the strategies of leading teams in the field and how they are trying to generate additional revenues from subscribers through the mobile channel.

Football fans are keen to follow their chosen club or national side as closely as possible, purchasing a range of services and products to show their allegiance. Consequently mobile products and services can play an integral part. Many fans are unable to observe their favourite team as much as they would like to due to geographical or financial reasons. Mobile services therefore allow fans to keep up-to-date with the team, league or competition of their choosing. In parts of Asia for example, mobile phones are more commonplace than televisions and computers, thus it is more fruitful for organisations to provide football services through mobile. In the battle to increase global and local supporter and customer bases the mobile channel will play a key part. You need to make sure that you are using it to its greatest effect. This report will detail successful strategies for this.

This latest report provides valuable information for operators, content distributors and manufacturers as well as clubs, leagues and associations. Can you afford to let rival clubs or operators gain an advantage over you, by not taking action? Order this report today to avoid getting left behind or losing out on revenue.

Also, organisations involved in other sports should read this report, to see what lessons can be taken from football’s example. How can your sport adopt a similar model to that of football? How can your sport compete with football’s global audience?

Reading this report will provide you with the following information:

What services are available in mobile football? Which are the most profitable?
Who are the main players in mobile football?
What mobile services and strategies do the large clubs and brands have available?
How can smaller clubs and brands compete with the larger ones?
How does football compare to other sports on mobile? Can football learn any lessons or vice versa?

• At what point does a mobile offering make sense?


Who needs to buy this report?

Football clubs
Football leagues and organisations
Mobile operators
Content providers
Content distributors

• Broadcasters


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