About P-500 Centrifuge Method Of Washing Research – Improved Washing Centrifuges – Education

By P-500 Centrifuge Ruifeng salt company in the use and operation of process problems, combined with practical experience, a brief introduction and improvement of irrigation methods to achieve economic benefits.

1 of the problem 2005 in the second half, our large-scale Technology Transformation, the new units on the 2 P 1 500 horizontal two-stage pusher Centrifuge . Easy operation of the centrifuge, processing capacity, around 15t per hour, salt production, wet salt water content of about 2.5%, dehydration performance much better than the original wH a 800 horizontal single-stage pusher centrifuge. The device is put into operation in early stage there had been some abnormal operating phenomena, such as drum stuck can not drive cars and influence the normal. After careful analysis, an improved chassis washing process of the original program. Practice has proved that the improved operating result is good, because it has not seen centrifuge drum card affect the production situation of death.

2 measures 2.1 drum stuck to identify the reasons
Stuck for Centrifuge plate cars are not flexible phenomenon. After careful research and discussion, the reasons for excluding the mechanical and climatic reasons, mainly the latter case there are product salt (fine grain salt and sodium), caused by incomplete washing.

2. 2 develop measures 2.2.1 before and after the rinse water separate case when the initial installation, before and after the case is linked to irrigation water, with a control valve at the same time before and after the case flushing, shown in Figure 1.

This installation has the following drawbacks:
First, before and after the case connected to the inlet of the former cabinet thick, partial pressure, the resulting lack of water after the wash cabinet;

Second Whitewater slammed into by the former case, after a mixed solution of a brine evaporation tank barrel, after the case to ensure the flushing effect, to extend the wash time and increases the white water into the evaporation system of production is unfavorable. After analysis and discussion, proposed before and after the casing process rinse water separate programs, each with two control valves. Washing alone, shown in Figure 2.

2.2.2 recoil after the separation after the case in view of the two can not guarantee 100% flexible to turning to an analysis that the case is still not completely clean the salt accumulation . In accordance with traditional practices, to take the first part of the whole body

Out, after the case can be cleaned of salt within the same time, dredge the flushing pipe at least 2? 3d. Normal irrigation pipeline flow shown in Figure 3.

The problem from another perspective, the water Department will be able to water, water Department will be able to water, according to this idea, the following improvements, the original outlet pipe 3 recoil , 1,2 Department of the water, shown in Figure 4.

Proved that the program is feasible. By) the improved centrifuge manual Turning flexible.
3 improved the cost-effectiveness Technology 3 months to implement reform, centrifuges running in good condition. Before the transformation occurred several times because of centrifuge plate cars are not flexible and impact of production, thus delaying the normal salt discharge phenomenon, the average delay per car 2h, 2 times a month to drive an hour Evaporation of power consumption 1 000kwh, to 3 month, 0.6 yuan / l electric meter. You can save electricity l OO0 2 2 3 0.6 = 7 2O0 dollars

The same time. Turning to prevent difficulties when driving, parking for two hours when the general rinse to pump motor 22kW, main motor 45 l W total, 3 months to save electricity: (22 +45) 2 3 3 2 0.6 = 1450 2 Total direct savings: 720o +1450 = 8650 Wu

4 input and output ratio Rehabilitation aluminum tube about 15 common 15 m, gaze intently 0 aluminum tube about l0m. Total investment: 15m 4 / m +10 m 5 / m = ll0 per input and output ratio: ll0/8650 = l/78.6

5 discussions
Drum stuck phenomenon occurs more in winter, mainly the low temperature, nitrate easy to precipitation. By taking the class regularly brush truck (equipment factory for different materials have been relevant requirements) and open the flush valve cavity after flushing, found that poor should be immediately after the cavity backwash outlet, to avoid the drum stuck phenomenon, to ensure smooth production.

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