Worbuzz is a social discovery site where members meet new people with shared interests. Our website is built with user accessibility in mind.

Our blog was designed to complement our website by bringing a vast varieties of interesting articles that our members and the wider public would be interested in reading and also share with their friends and families. This cover areas such as Family and Relationships, Entertainment, News, Sports, Health and Lifestyle, and Music. Visitors to this blog can also post comments and keep discuss going on and on. Our promise is: you’ll be spoiled for choice. Lest we forget the most important bit – your safety is paramount in what we do.  We respect your privacy; we hate SPAM in any form; and we have ZERO tolerance to abuse in any forms. We abhor any violent or extremist views and crime.  Other than these, enjoy our site whether you are at home or on the go.

Worbuzz is based in London, United Kingdom while we have members from over 195 countries and 60 territories. At Worbuzz, our strength lies in diversity. Whether you are White, Black, Oriental, Asian, Arab, African, Hispanic, Latino, African American, Native American, Afro-Caribbean, Worbuzz is home to all.

Our company – Worbuzz Media Limited was registered in England and Wales with company registration number 09324832.  Our web address is https://worbuzz.com  Our beautiful name was coined from “wor” a Chinese word for everything and “buzz” an English word for fun.  This means everything around us is buzzing with fun. We welcome you to be part of our growing community.