Adding Variations In The Indian Recipes With Special Stress On Tasty Food

Adding Variations In The Indian Recipes With Special Stress On Tasty Food

Indians like to eat a variety of food. Indian recipes are a testimony to it. The pleasure of preparing and serving food to the guests is seen in every region. Multiple items are necessarily prepared. These recipes are hailed world over, every place where Indian people live. Home, restaurant, parties, festivals, and every other place have an array of dishes. The verity in these recipes has allowed the food in India to be a favourite of people.

Regional variation in the Indian recipes is something that is very imminent. Starting from the days of the Mughal emperors who laid sincere stress on the type of food that they would be taking, to the modern day youth, the taste in the Indian food is something that has always drawn attention. The taste might be because of the addition of a number of condiments, or because of the manner in which these are cooked, but the fact that is undeniable is that these food items are always having a specialty around them. From those days of the Nawabs and Mughal kings, the chefs were trained especially in preparing shahi dishes, the tradition of which still is seen in many areas of India. These chefs used to prepare a different dish every day and also put in a lot of thought to bring about a new idea.

Possibility of infusing a new taste into the Indian Recipes is always possible because there are so many ways to make a particular item. Spices are more than 25 types, each of which is possible to be mixed in the food items. Furthermore, these spices can be mixed in different proportions to create a new taste. Some of the items that are made at home are added with spices or the food is not considered to be complete. When hotels and restaurants are preparing the recipes, they tend to allocate a different name to the same food item because of the presence of different spices and the manner in which they are being prepared.

The large number of states and the different cultures in each of these states are having their own ways to prepare the food. Regional variations in the food items bring about further uniqueness to the Indian recipes. North Indian food is mostly quite spicy and consists of plenty of non-vegetarian items. South Indian items are made necessarily with lots of chilli and every dish is accompanied by shambar and chutney. They also prepare their food with coconut oil, which is perhaps not found in any other part of the world. Similarly there are also a lot of variations in the eastern and western India. Such variations have been responsible for giving a different cuisine for a different state.

No other occasion can reflect the variations in Indian recipes as does that of any festival. Indian celebrations like Holi, Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Christmas, New Year, Durga Puja, etc are occasions where food items of a number of types are necessary made in every household. Indians have the idea of celebration by indulging in food items and therefore they prepare food for their family members and also share them with their neighbours.

The very essence of Indian food is the variation. In the method of preparation, in the ingredients that are included in the food items and the reasons for which the Indian recipes are tasted, everything is a show of the love of the Indians for the Indian recipes. And the best part is that these items can be available anywhere and everywhere and are not limited to the homes only. – Explore wide selection of different Indian recipes videos. Find Indian recipe videos from various parts of India such as North Indian recipes, South Indian recipes, East Indian recipes. For more information please visit:-