Adolescent Female Football Players Should Pay Attention To The Issue Of Training – Education

Foreword: Women soccer players and football players have very different physical and psychological, while the Women students are in special period of puberty, how to ensure steady improvement in exercise performance based on the handling of physiological puberty women football players , psychological problems, the school has been facing a problem. As a professional women’s soccer student life for teachers, and I close to women’s football student life, and with close contact, for which, I might just as “young female soccer players training in adolescence Attention” as the subject to start research, and strive to make the student movement steady improvement in performance, while also able to get a comprehensive physical and mental health development, school management has been realized “human culture”, and then for the Women students more systematic and scientific training to provide the theoretical basis.

Adolescent female soccer players training in the main issues to be aware of
(1) how to ensure training safety. After a long theoretical and practical experience, to ensure the safety of their training, we mainly do the following:

Earnestly preparatory activities before the training, the training focus, good muscle relaxation training.
On growth and development of adolescent girls are concerned, so that they do take into account the appropriate principles of training load, training time should not be too long.

Larger load in the negative training, and guide them to grasp the essentials right way, pay attention to proper posture, spine straight and breathing methods to enhance the protection, prevention of injuries.

Occurs when muscle pain and stiffness immediately stop their strength training.
We have arranged for training with the principle of gradual and individual treatment, and to observe about the physical condition of athletes, in order to adjust the exercise load at any time.

Arrangements for the training program in alternating and intermittent, otherwise easily lead to local overload.
Training phase, we increased medical supervision, especially in the beginning of sexual maturity (women 11 to 13), are under the guidance of doctors engaged in strength training.

Menstrual training arrangements, we are to minimize the waist and abdominal and jumping exercises, and with a suffocating bear large weight and the static nature of the phenomenon of action, or may cause displacement of the uterus and the attachment and affect their reproductive function.

Long time we have mastered the laws of the athletes and their athletic ability menstrual cycle variation, and mapping method to image format, or record, so the record can reasonably arrange the rules to the menstrual cycle training.

(2) how to scientifically improve the level of training. How Women in Science and raising the level of training, we developed the following training principles:

Consciousness, positive principles: to inspire and mobilize the consciousness and active athletes, athletes in training initiative is to improve the quality of the effective means of exercise training. From the point of view of exercise physiology, sport skill formation is under the control of the cerebral cortex of muscle activity, so that the formation of a complex dynamic stereotype.

Intuitive principle: that means training in the teaching process, through the acceptance of athletes of various senses movement image, after the formation of the concept of thinking again and again, and then moves through the exercises and gradually master the skill. Adolescence more easily accept new things, so apart from our coaches to demonstrate how, we also use film, video, slides, pictures, etc. more visually convey such a training effect will be more profound.

Systemic principles: the law is based on human knowledge, human physiological functions and activity changes in the law, action functional form of law, and reasonable arrangements for teaching and training content, teaching methods and organization of training to master the principles of exercise load.

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