Advantages of Satellite Television


For years it has been debated whether cable or satellites are better sources for accessing the best television channels for quality and price. Both cable and satellite TV have their benefits and drawbacks. However, continue reading the following to learn more about satellite television specifically and its advantages are.

Satellite TV comes in two different forms. One is a subscription through satellite companies such as Dish TV. Customers of these satellite TV services pay monthly package fees and are usually provided with free equipment and installation. The second form is usually more expensive, which is custom built satellite. Custom built satellites are usually better deals when it comes to free-air channels and international programming.

Satellite television in general offers a wide range of channels and more channels than typically cable television. All channels are digital and offer quality picture and sound. Satellite television also gives its customers the ability to view more HDTV channels then cable TV. Other services offered through satellite TV are access to Sirius Radio, shopping channels, pay per view, online gaming, and DVR. Although some of these applications are also starting to show up through cable services as well, they are typically cheaper through satellite services.

Most of the time satellite television always has a clear picture and sound quality however, if the satellite is positioned with obstructions such as large trees, or buildings it will affect its signal. All satellites must have a clear view of the sky to receive the best signal.

A few drawbacks that may come with choosing to use a satellite as your TV provider are:

If located in areas that experience high volume of rain or heavy snow, your satellite will most likely have a frequent signal interruption during storms.
Satellites must be set up outside of the home, usually located in the back yard or roof of the house. This could be an eye sour appearance wise. In addition if you rent your apartment or house your landlord might not allow satellites for this reason, so always check before you decide to install.


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