Amazing Japanese Cuisines – Yummy Dishes

Amazing Japanese Cuisines – Yummy Dishes

Cooking Japanese recipes is a certain way to make yourself feel good.The distinct taste and preparation with which the food comes are just too good to be ignored.One can just about feel the culture of Japan simply via its food.

But this craving for Japanese food need not to be disregarded just because you do not have the money to spend on fancy Japanese restaurants.You can have the Japanese food experience even in your own home.Here are some Japanese cooking recipes which will definitely guide you to a luxurious yet affordable dinner:


Onigiri is a Japanese recipe consisting of balls made up with rice.Rice balls are commonly stuffed with fish.They are very common among the Japanese and are often times found inside students’ bento boxes. Making your own onigiri is very easy.Properly cooked fresh Japanese rice is the main ingredient for Onigiri.You also need some salt for flavoring and the nori seaweed which will serve as the covering or plaster of the ball of rice.Seaweed is mainly used to hold the rice ball in a particular shape.Before forming the rice into a ball, make a dent at the center.Filling can be of any content of your choice.Salmon fish or any variety of pickle can make good filling.When stuffing is placed, give shape to the rice ball and cover it through nori. Your Onigiri is all set to serve.


If you want to serve meat for dinner, then you may try cooking tonkatsu.Tonkastu is a kind of pork patties encrusted with breadcrumbs.It is an very simple recipe.Pork rolls are spiced after that rolled in flour, beaten egg is also used as a covering used for cutlets.After which, roll them again but this time in the bread crumbs.Deep fry until golden brown.

The traditional Japanese menu consists of vegetables as the side dish, so it can be tried at house by you as well.After all, the preparation adds up to the appetizing charm of Japanese food.

With the described Japanese foods you be able to easily impress your friends also.It is definitely very possible and very easy with the aid of the internet.While nicely printed cookbooks are available in the bookstore, in this day and age when people are conscious of time and money, they would opt to just find online cookbooks.Here is another quick way to explore the Japanese cooking guidelines and recipes is to look at and follow some good food blogs.Celebrity chefs and even next-door experienced cooks usually post their recipes online.

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