An Introduction To The Stunning Nokia N9


With the recent release of preliminary specifications of the new Nokia N9, there is a lot of attention on the newest Nokia smartphone. After the relative success of the N8, the manufacturer has but no corners with the N9. An improved processor, and all new operating system and to top it all off, aesthetic styling which is largely unmatched by the competition are some of the delights awaiting the lucky users of this new flagship smartphone.


As mentioned, the aesthetics are likely to be a major factor in the success of this handset. Its styling is superb; sharp angular corners meet smooth curves to give an ultra modern, somewhat minimalistic feeling. The front of the handset is dominated by a sizeable 3.9 inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen.


The operating system is an area where Nokia have been far from consistent in recent times. The Nokia N8 was officially announced as the last Symbian powered device, and the manufacturer also recently announced its intentions to discontinue development of its Ovi products. There are still rumours that Nokia will team up with Microsoft for future smartphone projects, but in the meantime, the Nokia N9 is running the MeeGo platform. This is something of a newcomer to mainstream smartphones, although the company does have interests in net books, SatNav and other similar products. Little is known about the actual functionality of the software on the Nokia N9 at present, but from the leaked photos it certainly looks the business. The interface appears similar to the popular iOS platform which is used by Apple’s iPhone franchise, in terms of how the applications are laid out.


To provide the handset’s computing power, a 1 GHz processor is called upon, a welcome upgrade from the 680 MHz offering on the N8, which was arguably its biggest let down. Camera wise, the N9 is packing an 8 megapixel offering, which is a lower pixel count than the N8, but features all the bells and whistles to keep it up to date with the competition. For example, 720p HD video capture and Carl Zeiss optics assure users of quality results.


A long list of features which is pretty much standard fare within the smartphone world is all available at the user’s fingertips; Wi-Fi internet browsing, built in games (the ever popular Angry Birds is included), comprehensive multimedia support and MS Office document compatibility.


More detailed specifications will be available soon, but from those currently on offer, the Nokia N9 looks like a breath of fresh air, and it looks like Nokia are heading in the right direction.

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