AN OWNER’S GOLF Advertising and marketing QUESTIONNAIRE


I create a great deal of blogs on golf membership sales and loyalty plans but if you do not do the analysis you will never ever know who is your target and how to get them to commit their loyalty to your golf facility.

Ask oneself a few inquiries very first beginning with:

What is the most crucial query I want answered, what is the 2nd most critical, third most, etc.?
* Do I know how golfers, golf members and golf prospects believe of me and my important competitors?
* Would such information guide me in the types of marketing and advertising efforts that would have the best influence?
* If I know how I am perceived, would it help me develop more powerful marketing packages?
* Have I deemed the feelings and emotions that my golf members and golf prospects have towards me? Would being aware of, for example, that members truly feel I am a enterprise that is sensitive and considerate rather than aloof and inconsiderate lead me in a far more worthwhile course?
* How can this information aid me to allocate my advertising bucks far more efficiently?
* What are the needs, wants, wishes, desires, and emotions in the marketplace and how golf members and golf prospects are becoming served by golf facilities hoping to capture their loyalty.
* What are the most likely demographics I am searching for e.g. age, earnings, etc.?
* What are the strengths and weakness of the golf properties in the marketplace as measured by how they are perceived by the golf prospective customers and golf members?
* What and exactly where are the gaps in the marketplace or the places in which golf facilities fail to supply what is preferred by the golf members and golf prospects e.g. the options that exist for strengthening my hold on the market place and/or for exploiting competitive weaknesses i.e. new product business options?
* Will my golf course grow profitability on pure momentum?
* Will my golf course expand without improvements?
* Do I know everything that my competitors can possibly do to hinder my growth?
* Am I convinced I cannot lose golfers or achieve new ones?
* Am I convinced there is nothing at all that can take place to trigger my golf item to turn into obsolete?

These concerns are just the beginning. You have to really dig deep and ask oneself the difficult concerns that you genuinely want to know. I have mentioned this a million occasions and I will say it yet again…”our brains are the most innovative computers in the planet and if we ask it the right concerns we will get the answers to all of our challenges.”

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