Apollo 11 Anniversary


Apollo 11 celebrated its 40th Anniversary of the Moon landing and NASA brought to the world a surprise. That surprise was a newly restored video of the original moon landing video. The collaborators had a little trouble at first because NASA over the years had taped over the moon landing. Lucky for everyone, there were other recordings elsewhere. The 40th Anniversary brought several surprises to the world. Some of these surprises that can be found on the NASA website are:

1. Apollo 11 Spacecraft Audio– This is a special moment because you can hear the whole transmission of that remarkable mission of Apollo 11. The race to see who would get to the moon first must have been a real interesting experience for everyone aboard. With the audio, you can relive the mission that was as Buzz Aldrin said, “One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.” 

2. Restored Moon Landing Video– For those who had the opportunity to see the famous video of the moon landing in 1969, they have the opportunity to see it now in High Definition. With the talents of technology, NASA was able to restore the video of the astronauts landing on the moon and taking that giant leap for mankind. Relive the experience over again and remember that remarkable triumph.
3. Gallery of Moon Landings– You can see the pictures from all the Apollo missions from the eyes of the astronauts personally. With digitally enhanced photographs you can see what the astronauts felt worthy of a picture.
There are many more exciting things to see and remember from that day in 1969. The history of Apollo 11 may seem to some as a childhood race against the Russians. But it was more than that. President Kennedy knew that it was vital to get to the moon for a reason. We have many advances in technology thanks to the missions to the moon and other aeronautic missions. The Apollo missions served a purpose that many remember as a leap that was impossible. There are many other missions that have succeeded and have taught us as humans a little bit more of the world around us. To have that knowledge is important and vital if we are to survive the coming years. New advancements and technologies only come when we are willing to explore. We have learned a lot from traveling to the moon. There have been many discoveries that have come from space exploration.

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