Are 3D Televisions the Future Or A Flash In The Pan?


In the past year or so the biggest change in movies and now home TVs is 3D pictures that are worlds better than the old red and blue tinged previous 3D movies from the 1950s. These images are now as sharp as the newer high definition TV sets and are in full colour to help aid the immersion and experience you get which may have you ducking and diving as objects fly out at you.

Whilst many movies are now being released in the cinema as 3D movies it is understandable that we’d soon see TV sets released that are able to recreate the 3D theatre experience in our own living rooms and there are now TV sets that will play these 3D movies with the jumping out effect with the help of some specialist glasses.

Without the glasses the image may look like you’ve had one too many with a severely blurred image, but put the glasses on and turn them on and the picture slides into focus and creates the 3D effect that you normally get in the cinema. This is one of the only downsides to a 3D TV – that you need to wear the glasses that come with the TV, depending on how many people are in your home then you may find you need to buy even more of these glasses and replacements if they get sat on or dropped.

The burning question though is “are these TVs worth getting right now?” after all, a lot of people are not fans of 3D and may even feel ill when using them so it is definitely worthwhile checking with someone else’s TV first or in the electronics store to make sure you aren’t going to get queasy when watching your TV.

There are other applications of these 3D TVs such as football, boxing and many other sporting events that are broadcast in 3D now using special cameras. A lot of pubs are now showing football matches in 3D which can be a good experience (if you can get in, these pubs can be incredibly popular at kickoff time). So if you are a big sports fan then you may want to see some sports in 3D to feel like you’re sat in the terraces or at courtside, especially if you are looking to get one of the larger screen TVs available.

3D technology may not be to everyone’s taste but it looks like with many TV networks planning a 3D service and more movies being released in 3D that this could very well be the next big thing.

3DTVs are often LCD TVs with a special screen and there are other screen types such as LED Televisions that can give other advantages such as truer colours and less energy use.