Are You Dating For Love Or Dating For Fun?


Successful dates with beautiful women will all depend on your intentions when dating. Women are very particular about who they date especially when they are intent on finding a husband, boyfriend or just want to have fun. So it is very important for a guy to know why he is dating. Is it love or fun?

Disappointments and broken hearts are in abundance when the communication does not become clear to the one you are thinking of dating. A guy who just wants to have fun and explore the dating scene will not enjoy being on a date with a woman who wants a commitment and here is why.

Women who are determined to find the perfect mate will be looking at you differently than for fun dating experience. She is looking to see if you demonstrate leadership, integrity, honesty, sensitivity, and whether you would make a good father in the future. Now, a woman looking for fun will be focused on your personality, and looking for a sense of humour, interesting and fun to be around and not your bank account.

If you are a guy who is looking for a relationship with a perfect match you can tell immediately what type of girl you are going out with even before you ask them out. She will want to know what you do for a living, what your family and friends are like, what interests you have that would indicate a well rounded person.

If you are a guy looking for fun, you will notice girls who want to ask you about what you do for fun, what activities you are into like outdoor sports, fun stuff. Not all women are into sports but they are interested in what you think is interesting and fun.

In order to avoid disappointment, the best advice is know if you are dating for love or dating for fun and it will be a much better experience for you and your date.

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