Ariana Grande and Her Music Style: Why Ariana Grande Is a Sensation

Ariana Grande and her music style. Whether we love her, we hate her or we love to hate her, the fact is Ariana Grande has made a huge success of herself in the world of pop music. We’ve all singed along to at least one of her songs, don’t kid yourself. Regardless of how we feel about her behavior, which can be reproachable, there’s no denying the fact that she has an amazing voice and she has exploited her talents very well. This explains why Ariana Grande is a sensation. It reminds me of a Justin Bieber kind of deal; people loved him, then hated him when he started acting out, but now they are back to remembering that he has talent because he has been doing a great job producing multiple hits and focusing on his work. The same could be said of Ariana Grande, who has quite a few hits in her pockets and up her sleeves, even if her behavior can be questionable at times.

One of the reasons people can admire Ariana Grande is that she hasn’t really stopped pushing herself and she has made damn sure she’s making all of her dreams come true. She has been performing ever since she was a kid, so she has been in control of the path she has wanted to follow. She’s also very hungry and ambitious, so she doesn’t limit herself to her music and her audience, which is mostly teens, can definitely learn something from that and be inspired by her career. She’s also an actress and she has been working on several projects for both industries at once. Hard work can always be looked up to!

For some people, Ariana Grande’s success is a mystery; one day they just turned on the radio and there she was, a big pop star all of a sudden! Well, what you might not know is that her acting career was the big boost that got her to the other side. She had already built a fan base by starring on a Nickelodeon show called “Victorious” that received quite a lot of attention from pre-teens and teens and that gained quite a lot of popularity for the chain. That show eventually earned her a spin-off show called “Sam and Cat” with co-star Jennette McCurdy. She has been, in fact, Nickelodeon’s biggest star! So it’s no wonder that when she decided to move into the music world, her fans received her with more than open arms.

Couple that with her voice, her looks, her lyrics and the fact that her record label was very mindful about the way they released her albums and singles, and boom! Instant pop star. In spite of everything that could be said about her behavior and her scandals, such as the nudes that leaked that one time and her comments about America and her fans, the fact is her popularity keeps rising because her music is really good, her lyrics are catchy and she keeps working, working, working. She collaborates with other very popular singers such as Iggy Azalea and The Weekend, and she hasn’t really stopped producing great hits.
So say what you will, but Ariana Grande has definitely worked the scene to her advantage and she has gone a long way! From Broadway, to her own hit TV show and then to the top charts.

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