As a symbol in football history, Adidas F50 i stand out by light weight and safety to reduce injury


After publicized in World Cup, the lastest Adidas soccer shoes – Adidas F50 i was accepted by a lot of people. Before powerful progaganda offensive of nike Mercurial Vapor 4, sales of Adidas soccer F50 i lower than Nike at same time. A lot of people always peg Nike’s new product, ignore of Adidas, what a pity that missing such a opportunity to experience excellent shoes.

Adidas F50 i is the lightest shoes in Adidas history. On the purpose of increasing speed and protect player’s safety, Adidas F50 i is the advanced football shoe which objective and comprehensive advantage of Adidas Soccer Shoes. Even people collect Nike football shoes for fun, Adidas is a company famous for their football shoes.

Adidas is yet another giant manufacturer of sports products, which is highly acknowledged for their quality and innovation. In the year 1954, The West German National Team, won the Soccer world cup in Adidas shoes, hence based on that victory. From then on, Adidas producing famous football shoes, like Adidas Predator shoes which publicized by David Beckham. As the best football shoes manufactor, after 50 years, in the 2004, Adidas launched a new range of shoes and named them F50 soccer shoes, which nowadays reformed to Adidas F50 i.

Adidas F50 i is the lightest ever created. Checking in at 5.8 ounces, perhaps Adidas’ greatest accomplishment was not just making the shoe feel like a slipper, but doing so without compromising durability. Unlike previous football shoes, the stability of the boot is gained with an insole board, which runs from the heel to the toe and sometimes is reinforced. Adidas created the stability through the outsole, removing the need for an insole board. It did so through new technology it calls a SprintSkin synthetic upper, a Triaxon FG outsole and a sprint frame construction. The combination of the three culminated in a product that left players gasping at just how light and functional a soccer boot could be.

However, from first pair of Adidas Football Shoes, player’s safety is the most important factor for Adidas reform more in their shoes. Unlike Nike use high technology to ensure safety, Adidas F50 i comforted the player’s feet by cushioning them against jerks and injuries. The meshes material used in these shoes, allow the air to freely circulate around their feet, thus giving the players a cooling and comfortable feeling. The sole of these shoes are designed in such a manner that while running they provide firm gripping, which in turn facilitates the player to maintain his balance.

Do follow the fashion, Adidas F50 i also pay more attention to styles and colors. Turnover the image of Adidas F50, Adidas F50 i is really worth of money. Players who want to win the game need this one for both safety and light design.

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