ATC9K HD Action Cam Review

Its not unusual for the thrill-seeking, daredevil athlete crowd to want some form of keepsake of their astounding journeys. In this day and age, showing off translates into posting pictures and videos up on social websites for your friends to drool over. It must be frustrating, then, that practically any recording device you take out with you will either get wrecked or bring back shots ofpoor quality. What these high-living individuals need is a camera that they can take anywhere… like the ATC9K High Definition Action Camera. This state-of-the-art camera is constructed with both durability and precision in mind, and performs to both standards admirably.The ATC9K is the first of its kind in the world, an HD camera with a bunch of features to optimise its performance in any environment. Its G-sensor tech allows it to measure the gravity force levels acting on you during your entire activity. Adventurers who appreciate knowing the details of their exploits will like this nifty feature. If all you want is a camera that will keep up with you in the worst of times, then youll be glad for this devices shock resistant and 20 m waterproof traits. Mount this portable wonder in a variety of ways to get the best angles and most incredible shots. Attach it to your bike, surfboard, arm or clothes for the greatest convenience. Not only that, this device makes it easier to keep track of your shots, with its sharp LED display and laser pointer. Whether in the water, on land or in the air, the ATC9K is your ideal travel companion. And lets not underestimate the one-press record button function, so you dont have trouble turning it on when the fun begins.The ATC9K can be equipped with GPS tracking, feeding info on your whereabouts straight to the Net. Googles Earth and Map programs are linked to the cameras system for updating purposes. Also, the video playback will provide you with details on your location, acceleration and altitude. Cross-country adventurers and trailblazers in particular will enjoy this add-on. The ATC9K is an amazing gadget that no extreme sportsman should be without. Take advantage of the fantastic price on this acton cam, with free packaging and postage to boot, and prepare to capture your wildest moments like you never could before. Scientific gifts can be difficult to find, but this HD Sports Cam is a no-brainer. Get one for a loved-one today.

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