Barcelona Signed A Cheap Football Shirt Contract With Qatar Foundation

Barcelona signed a Cheap Football Shirt contract with Qatar Foundation for the Club of the advertising revenue of less than 10% of the total budget. Then, the cooperation is it worth it? I think it’s not worth it, because the sale shirt advertising undermines the uniqueness of this Club Basset, a unique characteristic is priceless. Barcelona Godfather in the latest column on Barcelona sold Chest advertising raised criticism, history, Barcelona never in their shirts on advertising. Even so, they are not affected, because they can contend with those giant advertising revenue. But now, Barcelona to decide this tradition to budget 6% or 7% of the amount sold out, this gives the lowest human? Do they have no other way to increase revenue? Is the incumbent management IQ than previous management higher because they found a new revenue stream? The financial situation of the Club cannot become defiled shirt. If the incumbent management thinks he’s clever, I would like to ask: have you done a world 99.9% clubs are doing, this is the clever? Barca shirt advertising revenue, the highest in the world, it is because they are the best team in the world. This is one of the credit? All in all, if you have unique characteristics to Barcelona lost as they bring and budget equivalent or budget 80% or 60% of their income, then I have nothing to say, but now this figure accounted for only 6% of the budget or 7%, I think it has no meaning. Barcelona sold Jersey advertising practices on Club is a disgrace, and is also the history of the Club development. Barcelona is the country and the Wholesale Football Shirt Supplier, but they should have used other club that ugly way to increase revenue, this really surprises me. Does the Club currently has no management in addition to any other ideas?
Another question is, why they should sign up 5 years there are media reports say? It is 6 years. Based on my experience in the contract, now seemingly lucrative contract, but after a few years it will be devalued. In addition, several years after the Barcelona to participate in such activities value is likely higher than now. I think absolutely not worth it. Barcelona is a unique Club, it’s football, the Club model, develop youth training player for people who are the envy of other clubs in the world. Barcelona reach today’s height, instead of a person’s credit, it is not a fad, but a few generations in dozens of years accumulation of results. Money is important, but it could not come to these things, but also for not to succeed. If we look at Europe and world-wide, we know that money is difficult to guarantee the success of those top clubs are not always the best. Usa Football Teams needs good players, good ideas and style of football. Barcelona in football has made an example, in giving up shirt advertising revenue should become an example for all. Not perfect, any session management all make mistakes, the mistake is not possible. However, if you so choose, and other Club as stupid does, it’s not worth the candle. Just imagine, if you sell the shirt advertising really is a good choice, why the previous management had no? you know, the shirt is belong to all of Barcelona ‘s!, Barcelona Jersey chest printing flags of the United Nations Children’s Fund, Barcelona is not only not derive income, but also to the annual payment of 150 million. If Barcelona’s financial situation is so bad, that there was cooperation with the United Nations Children’s Fund should also be cancelled. The difference is that this Foundation represents things and commercial agencies. Since the Barcelona’s financial situation is not bad to give up cooperation with the United Nations Children’s Fund, now sold Jersey advertising becomes even more reprehensible. Other Club early on began selling the shirt advertising, Barcelona was the last to choose this route, which say? Barcelona was the last one found the income approach? someone said I was the idealists, said I am a romantic or my football philosophy is to constantly improve and perfect ourselves, while Barcelona now mode while reliable, but also have room for improvement.

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