Based on the Intel platform, the world’s first television come out cool chat – Skyworth Skyworth Chat TV – household appliances


With the advances in technology, 3C integration, triple play of trend of more and more obvious, it represents the direction of development of information industry, on January 13, the State Council executive meeting decided to speed up the telecommunications network, radio networks and Internet triple play, in the just concluded the world’s largest consumer

Electronic Show?? CES International Consumer Electronics Show, “3C convergence” is the biggest concern being the participants. Among them, higher and higher degree of integration

Home Appliances Products into a bright spot, and this trend is increasingly in the 2010 great tendency of the expansion. Skyworth integration in 3C have a clear idea on. Living room as the main positions 3C integration, will become the main place the future of corporate commitment, Skyworth cool the TV has entered the field three years ago, is a multimedia home entertainment terminals, has created a huge differential advantage, and now cool chat TV the birth of cool to open a new small family hi Tim, full of vigor and vitality.

TV Skyworth Group, Year of the Tiger Chinese New Year giant gold market in the eve of a high-profile layout

Internet TV Strategy, together the world’s leading chip maker Intel, introduced two series, the world’s first real-time video chat cool chat TV (COCO chat TV), to create a new model of multimedia entertainment. This is the press on February 2 in Skyworth’s launch was informed of.

Zhang Xuebin Skyworth Group President, said: “The birth of cool chat TV Skyworth customer-oriented, full of human design products, it gives a new form of television culture and meaning: man-machine dialogue, tell their family , interactive communication, timely and quick. The introduction of Intel’s consumer electronics platform based on new products, marking the Skyworth TV in 3C convergence process towards a more substantial step. “

Learned that TV is a cool chat Skyworth Multimedia entertainment functions to further expand, with interactive chat functionality. Use of independent innovation platform based on Intel’s high performance CE3100 video core technology, the concept of embedded real-time chat television, the traditional text instant messaging into video instant messaging, towards 3C integration, triple play direction of the a big step.

The TV with Intel CE3100 media processor, the hardware decoding acceleration of the support, its powerful processor real-time encoding and decoding functions, and with the core application software, Internet and television can achieve true seamless Fusion, giving TV a new real-time chat feature. Cool chat easy to operate, the elderly, children can be handy, the TV also can meet the future home theater, HDTV

Blu-ray , HD set-top boxes, HD player Needs. New opening ceremony, Zhang Xuebin Skyworth senior leadership, Yang Dongwen, Liu Tong branch and director of Intel’s facilities to support peacekeeping cool chat with the world television first opened in mystery. Reporters on the scene to see, with the press of a remote control model guests start switch, the background plate to open the door slowly, magnificent lights shine on a 55-inch

LED 10 “COCO” chat TV. Field Marketing Director Mr. Liu Yaoping Skyworth made passionate Products, use the chat function which television, and as far away as 20 kilometers away from Skyworth Dan Yanji Institute technical staff to another operation of the same model TV connection, the call results clear, smooth video playback, just as an old friend sitting opposite, speaking with ease, so that the audience amazed.

Yang Dongwen stressed that “Skyworth ongoing technology innovation, development of differentiated products, extensive TV product line to offer consumers a new audio-visual entertainment space, and create a healthy atmosphere for a wonderful life.”

According to researchers, at present, Skyworth Institute is studying the software upgrade, so Skyworth TV old and new customers can easily enjoy the latest technology and have fun.

Industry experts said after the experience in the field, Skyworth cool chat TV, whether the novelty of its products or features innovative ways, all broke the previous areas of multimedia entertainment terminal entertain, to create an interactive , a new mode of audio-visual chat, TV and communication technologies to step forward, played a benchmark role, no doubt the Internet TV market this year will cast a bunch of heavy bomb.

Skyworth Group president Zhang Xuebin, Yang Dongwen TV Business Division president, Embedded Products Division of Intel China, Shi Yang, director of Victoria, Skyworth


Liu Tong, general manager of branch, brand director of Skyworth Group, Shen Jian, as well as from the national mainstream media nearly a hundred reporters attended the conference.

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