Battle of the Flat Screens – LCD Television Or Plasma Television?


Nowadays the competition between the LCD and Plasma TVs is really tougher than ever. Because of this, manufacturers of the two technologies have done great improvements on both. Price-wise, the Plasma TVs are usually more expensive than the LCD TVs. Basically, both are Flat, both have high definition format, both produce high quality images, but what makes them different from each other is the process that makes them run.

The Liquid Crystal Display or LCD Technology makes use of liquid crystals that produce images. The Plasma technology, however, makes use of pixels to produce images, overall, the plasma television technology produces more clear graphics than the liquid crystal technology. In the LCD televisions, you will most likely experience problems viewing dark colored graphics, while in the plasma TVs, there would be no problem regardless of what color you are viewing. Contrast ratio of Plasma TVs is 3000:1, while the contrast ratio of LCD TVs is 1000:1. Clearly, Plasma televisions produce higher quality images.

Regardless of whichever has higher quality, versatility is still important. In this aspect, the liquid crystal display televisions are better than the Plasma televisions. The LCD TVs have more numbers of ports for different connections, they are also easier to install compared to the Plasma televisions. This means that the Liquid Crystal Display TVs could be used in more ways and purposes compared to the Plasma TVs.

If you need a bigger television, something bigger than 42 inches, go for a Plasma sine they are cheaper than the Liquid Crystal Display TVs. A 42 inch Plasma could cost you less than a thousand dollars, while a 42 inch LCD television could cost you more than a thousand and 300 dollars. However, for mid sized ones, LCD TVs cost much lesser than the Plasma TVs.

It would really just matter on how much your budget will be. After all, it will actually depend on the capability of your financial status. However, try to wait for some time and prices will surely be almost the same for the two technologies by then. Deciding is really hard, especially with two very good technologies to choose from.

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