Beware of Cheap TVs


Consumers always consider cost when purchasing a product, especially a television set. Seeing the variety of TVs that are available at any electronics store is enough to give the buyer sticker shock, and he or she may be tempted to buy the cheapest TV available. Yet that may be a mistake because a cheap TV may well be the most expensive television in the long run.

Major brands of televisions such as Sony and Panasonic are prominent because their products have a proven track record of success and quality. These brands and several others may not offer the cheapest televisions, but having an established reputation, their sets are less likely to need replacing too soon after purchase, ultimately saving the consumer money.

A television that has to be replaced soon after purchase is precisely what the buyer might encounter if he or she buys a television from a lesser-known manufacturer rather than a more costly name brand. But how affordable are such unreliable, inexpensive televisions, be they cheap LCD TVs, cheap plasma TVs, or cheap standard TVs?

Even if a cheap LCD TV or cheap plasma TV does not need to be replaced soon after it is bought from the store, the odds are good that it will eventually need to be repaired. These repairs can be costly because many TV repairmen are not trained to work on obscure, cheap television sets, and they may charge more for service.

Cheap TV or not, a television owner may want to do any repair work himself or herself in order to save money. But even here the cheapest televisions will prove to be more costly, at least in terms of time spent. Tracking down manuals from older, established companies is easy, but if one is needed for a cheap TV, it might take hours to access it online – if it is possible at all. Some manufacturers of cheap television sets will have a basic website with no support features even if they have a web presence.

This loss of time should remind us that the potential wasting of hours that comes with a cheap TV must be considered when the value of a television set is calculated. Time spent fixing a TV is time that could be spent earning extra money or catching up with friends and family, activities that no one can put a price on.

Consumers should not be quite so averse to paying a higher price for a television from a well-known brand. Established manufacturers charge a higher premium for their televisions because they know they will work and that it is better to pay a higher price for a quality, dependable product and not a low price for one that breaks all the time. The old adage, “You get what you pay for,” is famous because it is true.

So while price is an important consideration when looking at TV sets, it cannot be the determinative factor. Cheap televisions really can be the most expensive of all.

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