Black leather jackets. Iconic item of clothing


Black leather jackets can not leave anyone indifferent. It may be adored, it may hate it. It can be almost without removing, or not to accept as a thing at all. This is the black leather jackets. Iconic item of clothing worn by many idols – Elvis Presley, Malcolm McLaren of Sex Pistols. 

There are several theories about the origin of black leather jackets, the cult of the garment. Not a few people claim to patent. Many people want to touch the glory which won this jacket, which has become not just a safe and comfortable garment, and this cult.

Black leather jackets is a short leather jacket with zipper and obliquely narrowed waist. Black leather jackets buttons in the direction of the left hip to right shoulder. It is through this original zip iconic garment got its name. Although the original name sounds like a perfecto. Traditionally, people wear black leather jackets with an unconventional outlook, characterized by freedom of opinion and life principles. More recently, when he saw a man on the street in black leather jackets, good citizen would have tried to stay away from a suspicious person in the gang clothing.

What is the real history of black leather jackets – the cult of the garment? Time of its appearance – the American Civil War between North and South. Only at that time it was a military uniform, not the jacket. This coat had the same original diagonal zipper.

Fifty years later shortened to the level of his uniform jacket. And since the beginning of the twentieth century was the craze aviation, and a jacket was made of their skin. Already at that time, she became the subject of clothing worn by all – Americans, French, English, Russian. There is a version that black leather jackets came up with a Russian pilot during the Russian-Japanese War.

With the end of World War II era airmen has not ended. But thousands of pilots out of work. Their destiny was idle amusement of the public, the so-called aviatorsky theater. Now, black leather jackets saw civilians, but in fashion it was not included.

Only motorcyclists have black leather jackets on board. In the twenties, they were no less popular than the aviators. That motorcyclists to finalize this iconic garment. This is credited with modernizing entrepreneur-rider Irving Schott. According to legend it was he who in 1928 began selling black leather jackets in New York for five and a half dollars.

During the Second World War was the official uniform of black leather jackets, bomber pilots of the U.S. Army. After the war they did not want to part with the black leather jackets. They move on bikes, and started promoting this piece of clothing. But in the early fifties black leather jackets have introduced an element of police uniforms. Naturally bikers and those who joined them were very unhappy.

But all the same black leather jackets were just a garment, reliable, comfortable, but not a cult. But everything suddenly turned upside down, black leather jackets became a cult item of clothing only after it wore no less a religious man – Elvis Presley. Initially, his career, he was satisfied with simple budgetary jackets. But after the work was to bring him a substantial income, Presley began ordering individual tailoring of black leather jackets. For the manufacture of jackets for the singer used only expensive leather, black leather jackets are often decorated with these gems. Yet the man credited with inventing the rivets. Today, for them to use the metal, but Elvis makes gold rivets.

Thanks to Elvis Presley’sblack leather jackets became a cult item of clothing, but nearly lost its brutality, becoming only the costumes. Bright exotic.

Rebellious spirit returned to her black leather jackets in the seventies. In this British achievement. Or rather the leader of the Sex Pistols Malcolm McLaren. The motto of the group members began – No future, their clothes – black black leather jackets with large safety pins and metal rivets. Since that time, black leather jackets became a symbol of rockers, punks, metal. This thing have a rockabilly singer, and even folk. In general, black leather jackets, a cult item of clothing was a sign of informality.

Today, many venerable fashion designer and famous fashion houses include in their collections this iconic garment. Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Brioni. But Harley Davidson has become not just clothing and lifestyle.

Today, black leather jackets are not only brutal men, but also feminine secular lioness. On their fragile shoulders of the leather jacket looks very attractive.