Blind Dating Is Faster And Easier Than Traditional Dating Services Nyc And Speed Dating

Will the next person you meet be your soulmate, or just another date? If I was single and looking, I’d be happy to ask myself that question if I was going out on dates on a regular basis. Am I such a confident person that I can simply go up to any person and get their phone numbers that easily? No. Do you need to be that confident where you will need to gather all the courage you can muster to ask and get the results you want? No.

Then how do you do it? All you really need is half a brain and the ability to use a computer and have internet access. Easy, right? Well, maybe a little courage is required, if you are afraid to meet strangers from the internet. But that shouldn’t be a problem if the person you are meeting has been thoroughly screened by background check and psychological evaluation. Just make sure you’ve filled out all requested information completely and accurately (including your photos) or you’ll get a call or e-mail telling you that you will need to do that before getting approved.

After you’ve been approved, you should be all set. You can sign up for a blind date whenever you choose, and you get a 50% discount on your first date to help you get started. Once you sign up, the matchmaking team will find you a suitable date according to what type of person you’re looking for. This process usually takes 3 to 7 days, but may take longer depending on the workload for the amount of dates being matched at the time. Finally, when a match has been found, you get to choose the time, date, and place where you’d like to meet your potential long-term partner. However, the meeting place you choose must be one in public for safety reasons and approved by SoulmateOrDate.

Want to hear something better? If you are feeling anxious about going on your first blind date, or any date after that, you will get a free 10-minute phone coaching to help you alleviate any fears or reservations you may have about going on a blind date with someone. Or, if you want to boost your self-confidence to a whole ‘nother level, you can engage in a 1 to 2-hour phone coaching program, which costs about $ 45 per hour. Not a bad price for something that will give you consistent dating success in the future.

Are you in the New York dating, New Jersey dating, and Philadelphia dating scene? If you live in these three areas, you are free to partake in the blind dating service provided. Sources say that in the following months, the site will expand to other cities such as Boston, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and even cities in the west coast. But for now, if you’re looking for new thrills and excitement in your life, try blind dating. You never know if the next person you meet will be your soul mate.

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