Bring Natural Parenting Back in the Driver’s Seat

Bring Natural Parenting Back in the Driver’s Seat

Natural parenting the way God has intended humans to bring up their children, i.e. as guided by your gut feelings. This is the way millions of parents all over the globe raise their children. However, there are other types of parenting too. There is guided parenting, where parents learn how to parent through books, workshops, research, journals and articles. Usually such people are walking encyclopedias on matters regarding parenting – however, in real life; they are as puzzled by the subject as any other parent.

The Best Way to Raise a Child Is Through Natural Parenting

Every animal on this planet has parenting instincts. Looks around you – whether it is the spider, or the cat, or your pet dog or the fish in your fish – every species have their own natural parenting methods. Human beings have their own style as well. And if left to the gut feeling, they can manage pretty well, too. However, there is too much information floating around in so many forms, which confuses parents and make them flounder in this basic task.

For example, breast-feeding a child is totally natural. Normally, one need not teach the mother or the baby how to do this. However, there are so many advertisements, articles, and TV shows on the “right way” to do it, that the mother feels lost even on this basic matter. The same applies to more complex matters such as nutrition, how to feed a child, and other such basic matters.

If you go back some 30 or 40 years you will find that natural parenting was very common and quite successful. Today when parents attend parenting workshops, make unending appointments with the pediatrician, keep researching on every aspect of bringing up children, parenting loses its charm, warmth and spontaneity.

Information Overload

You will find that today natural parenting has taken a back seat. Parents today pay more attention to what the latest research says about how to raise children, instead of letting the auto-pilot take over. Unfortunately, the results are not so good when natural parenting takes the back seat. There is a slow movement to bring it back in the driving seat, and once this happens, children will again be carefree and happy – instead of feeling they have to do the ‘right’ thing at all times.

The basic bond that exists between parents and children cannot be established and strengthened if the children are raised on the textbook method. Rather, it needs the ‘I feel right about this’ method of parenting. This is what natural parenting is all about, i.e. trusting your own gut feelings while making decisions about raising your children -and that is the ways things should be!

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