Can Habitual Sex Prevent Your Partner From Becoming Disloyal?

Can Habitual Sex Prevent Your Partner From Becoming Disloyal?

You’re finding ways to keep your partner infidelity. Is habitual sex the answer? Possibly. But, usually only in the sense that he’s too preoccupies to even think about looking for an instant’s worth of bliss with another woman.

The downside of that will be that he’s probably too tired or distracted to do much of anything else. It takes a LOT of sex to take sex off the mind of an ordinary man.

Sex is a wonderful thing in marriage. But you’ll have a hard time finding a man who believes he’s getting too much sex at home. You’ll definitely never have one complain about it.

Bear this in mind, womanizing present the regular man yet another chance to have sex. Almost 100% of men have a hard time refusing that down except he’s jeopardizing something more than constant sex at home by womanizing.

How do you make the threat be more important than the potential rewards for your partner?

Present Him What He Needs from You

Did you know that there is one thing that men want from their partners aside from sex? It’s Adoration. He wants to lie around in the flame of your adoration.

Do you remember how you used to hang on every word, laugh at every joke, and find any excuse possible to put your hands on your husband? He liked that! He liked it a lot!

In fact, most men would give up daily sex in a heartbeat in order to go back to the status he felt he had in your eyes when you were dating. Now I’m now saying he’d give up sex completely but he would definitely give up the marathon pace for sex and gladly settle for three or four nights a week (such a sacrifice I know).

In the long run, he needs to experience that adoration. You shower him with that and there’s no way for another woman can intervene in your relationship.

Is that easy? You should believe it. Men and women have certain things they need from each other. Men loved to be adored, that being of a superman in their partner’s eyes. Women want to be please. They want to feel protected. Men like to be respected and adored. They are very sensitive to women who can give them that and especially if they don’t get those from their partners.

Even if your husband cheats it doesn’t have to be the end of your marriage. You can get your husband back from the other woman and save your marriage in the end.