Celebrate The Red Rose On Your England Rugby Top

Celebrate The Red Rose On Your England Rugby Top

It’s a sight to gladden the heart of any English man or woman: Twickenham Stadium crammed with vocal supporters, each decked out in an England rugby top. It’s a sea of white and red. But look closely, and you’ll see there’s a huge range of clothing on view. From the latest replica kit to fans who’ve been wearing the same England shirt for years, however, one thing remains consistent: the red rose.

The red rose has been the symbol of English rugby for over 100 years, although it has altered in design several times. The current England rugby top uses the latest version which was developed in 1997 when Nike became the team’s kit supplier. Instantly recognisable and deliberately different to the three lions used both for the England football team and the England cricket team, the red rose is the ultimate symbol of English rugby.

So, if you’re looking for a new England rugby top, you need to make sure that it carries the red rose. Replica kit obviously looks exactly like the tops the England international players wear, but there are also a variety of other tops, including long-sleeved, heavier weight tops, rugby shirts for men and women and contemporary designs that include the red rose. Traditionally, the rose appears on the left breast of the top, making you immediately recognisable as an England fan.

Identifying yourself with the team you support is a long-standing tradition in sport across the world. Whilst many supporters will have harboured a secret desire to play for their club and country, others simply want to be associated with the land of their birth, and share in the ups and downs of their international team. Players have always said that seeing fans wearing shirts and other clothing that shows their support is a big factor in how they feel about the game and about playing for their country. Buying and wearing an England rugby top is all about publicly showing your support for your team, leaving others in no doubt as to where your loyalties lie.

Whilst it contributes to a great effect at a home ground like Twickenham, wearing an England rugby top to away matches is just as important. Rugby grounds are not usually segregated, so fans mix together, with the usual banter and partiality of any sports match. Whether you’ve chosen to wear a replica shirt or a rugby top with a different England design, it’s vital to show your support, wherever you are.

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