Celebrity Diet Secrets

If you’re still curious as to what the celebrities do to lose weight, take a look at some of the knowledge below:
Gwyneth Paltrow (Actress: A Good Murder and Shallow Hal)
Before giving birth to her daughter, Paltrow followed a strict macrobiotic diet plan. This implies she failed to eat any meat, eggs, dairy and caffeine. Since the baby, she has discontinued her strict ways and tries to eat as organically as possible. She refrains from eating candy and stays faraway from any over-manufactured foods.
Alicia Silverstone (Actress: Clueless, Crush)
She follows a vegan diet.
Joan Lunden (News Personality)
Eats tons of fruit.
Jennifer Aniston (Actress: Friends, The Smart Lady)
Follows the Zone diet.
Diane Sawyer (News Temperament)
Sawyer follows the Cabbage Soup Diet.
Jennifer Lopez (Actress: Anaconda, Selena, The Wedding Planner)
She prefers to eat eight mini-meals per day.
Claudia Schiffer (Supermodel)
Schiffer follows a 3-meals-a-day plan. She doesn’t believe in dieting as a result of she says it negatively affects an individual’s metabolism. She prefers eating heaps of fruit for breakfast, saying they cleanse the body. She tries to not snack in-between meals and prefers organic foods. She also likes to sip inexperienced tea.
Patricia Heaton (Actress: Everyone Loves Raymond)
Patricia prefers to eat a heap of dairy.
Melanie Griffith (Actress: Working Woman)
Melanie Griffith like to drink smoothies.
Demi Moore (Actress: G.I. Jane, Ghost, Stripetease)
Demi Moore tends to eat tons of protein.
Nia Peeples (Actress, Singer: Walker, Texas Ranger)
She likes to stay far from proteins.
Kelly Preston (Actress)
She likes to eat a heap of oatmeal and bagels.
Portia de Rossi (Actress: Ally McBeal, Arrested Development)
Portia prefers cardiovascular activities, especially horseback riding and swimming.
Ali Landry (Actress: Eve)
Suggests the usage of the workout tape, The Firm. She boasts that it lifted her butt, tightened the backs of her legs and helped sculpt a longer, leaner look to them.
Drew Barrymore (Actress: 50 First Dates, E.T., The Wedding Singer)
Drew was once a strict vegetarian, but now prefers to eat 3 sensible meals per day. She typically sticks to organic fruit and vegetables. When she desires one thing sweet, she drinks Diet Coke or has low-fat jelly.
Melinda Clarke (Actress, The O.C.)
Melinda recommends Pilates.
Eva Pigford (Model, America’s Next high Model)
Will crunches every day.
Lori Loughlin (Actress, Full House, Summerland)
Has found success by using The Zone diet. It helps her to avoid bound cravings for sweets.

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