Celebrity Diet Secrets


Whether stars are performing, giving an acceptance speech, walking down the red carpet, at a movie premier, on a commercial, or in a movie, they always look great!

Celebrities have to look good or they will end up on the front of a magazine with a larger than life picture of them at their worst moment in a bathing suit. Stars do not have a choice, they have to look good if they want to continue working. They do not have the option to say, “I will start that diet next week”. They have to eat right and exercise whether they want to or not.

Every celebrity seems to be pinned with a certain diet that they follow. Women especially want to know what diet secrets they have.

The beautiful supermodel, Christie Brinkley seems to get more beautiful with age. Some may not know that she does not eat meat, she is a vegetarian. To avoid eating items that she knows she will crave she just doesn’t keep them in her home. If she needs to slim down quickly she will go on a liquid juice diet.

The entire world has watched Oprah Winfrey battle her obsession with food. Her weight fluctuates like that of most American women. It is nice to see a celebrity that is “normal” when it comes to weight issues. When Oprah is looking her best, she spends five days a week working out. Her diet consist of fruit and vegetables, fish, legumes, chicken, and low fat dairy products. Oprah tries to limit eating flour and white sugar. She also tries not to eat after 7 p.m.

Madonna, another celebrity that is getting better with age keeps her to die for figure with Ashtanga Yoga. She also limits junk food and usually eats lean protein and organic foods.

Friends star Jennifer Aniston dropped thirty pounds when she started the television show. She is famous for her classic hair style, cute figure, and marriage to Brad Pitt. Jennifer’s diet consist of 30:30:40

30% essential fats such as nuts, seeds, fish, and olive oils. 30% lean proteins consist of turkey, chicken, tofu, fish, beef, and low in fat dairy products. 40% low glycemic carbohydrates such as, legumes, beans, and fruits and vegetables.

The blonde bombshell, Gwyneth Paltrow, battles weight as well. Her diet plan mimics Oprah’s by avoiding white flour and sugar. She tries to eat vegetables, lean meat, and brown rice. She did however eliminate dairy products. She does yoga everyday to try and keep in her best shape.

The German supermodel Claudia Schiffer, seems to eat the least of the stars by eating fruit in the afternoon, salad and steamed vegetables for dinner. Her beverages consist of tomato juice and herbal


Goldie Hawn’s daughter, Kate Hudson, gained a mere sixty pounds while she was pregnant. After giving birth she started small high protein meals. She began working out and lost all of her weight in four months.

Celebrities have to work hard at their figures just like anyone else. They have more pressure to look good all of the time because they are constantly being photographed and filmed.

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