Choosing between Different Types of HD Televisions


Are you planning to purchase a High Definition Television any time soon? Or are you just curious on which type of HD TV is the best? Regardless of your reason, it is important that you know the differences among different types of High Definition TVs.

If you still do not have an idea on the different types of high definition TVs, here are some of the facts which you may find helpful. There are actually three types of High Definition TVs and they all differ on how they render display.


Liquid Crystal Display TV is the first type of HD TV wherein it used liquid crystals in displaying output. The screen only has one light source.


Plasma televisions are the slightly advanced than LCD since every pixel on the screen has its own light source. In other words, plasma televisions have better picture quality.


LED TVs are the latest types of flat screen TVs wherein it works like a plasma television. But LED TVs are far thinner than other types of flat screen TVs. In the near future, it is not impossible that manufacturers will be able to develop LED TV which may be as thin as a credit card.

If you are wondering on which among the types of flat screen TVs you should choose, there are several things that you need to consider first. The first thing that you need to consider is your need for a flat screen TV. If you will use the TV as your computer monitor, it is best that you choose LCD since LCD televisions have better still images quality. But in case that you will use your TV for movies, then plasma TVs are the best. It is not recommended that you purchase LED TV at the moment since they are still very much expensive as compared to the other two types of flat screen TVs.


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