Choosing the correct pair of rugby boots

Choosing the correct pair of rugby boots

Rugby is a sport where the fit and quality of your rugby boots can seriously affect your performance so it is very important that you choose a pair of rugby boots that is best suited for you. Having a pair that is ill fitting or not appropriate for the terrain and conditions you are playing on can not only affect how you play but also cause injury to you.

Here are some tips that you should look into before deciding to purchase a pair of rugby boots.

The correct fit:
Having a pair of rugby boots that fit you well is extremely important. If the boots are ill fitting, they will not only be uncomfortable but also will affect your performance and may cause injury to you. To find the correct fit it is important to know a few things about your feet! Ask the sales representative at the retail outlet about which pair of rugby boots is best suited for the shape of your feet. They may be able to advise you if you have flatfeet or high arches so that the boot fits you comfortably and snugly without being restrictive and painful.

Since there are many different positions in rugby, each requiring a different use of the legs and feet, the type of rugby boot you chose might vary depending on your position. The fit of the boot may be determined by the task you need to perform on the field and how the boot’s shape and fit can fully support your feet.

The correct studs:
Studs are a crucial part of a pair of rugby boots since they give you grip and traction whether you are running or in a scrum. The type of studs you need on a pair of boots greatly varies depending on the weather conditions and the condition of the grounds you are playing on. If the conditions you are playing in are muddy and wet then it is best to have longer studs that would give you a better grip. For dry conditions, you may prefer to have shorter studs to help with your performance. Moulded rubber studs are good for conditions where the ground is hard. Since you are most likely, going to be playing in conditions that vary with the seasons it might be advisable to choose a pair of rugby boots that have screw in studs so that you can change them to suit the ground conditions.

Materials, colours and designs:
The material your rugby boots are made of may be of concern to you since it might have an impact on the way the fit and therefore your performance. Some rugby boots are made of leather while others are made of synthetic materials. Leather boots, while being good for dry conditions since they form to the shape of your feet, may not be ideal for wet and rainy conditions as leather distorts and stretches when wet. Synthetic rugby boots perform well in both conditions. You can choose the type of material that best suits your performance needs.

The colour and external patterns have very little to do with performance and more to do with personal preference. You may choose a colour that coordinates with your team’s jerseys or one that gets you noticed on the field!

Regardless of the fit, material and colour you require in a rugby boot make sure that you purchase a pair that is made with quality in mind from a reputed sports manufacturer. You should visit a store that offers you a wide selection of brands, styles and sizes as well as one that can offer you advise and information about making the correct selection.

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