Coaching Youth Football – Keep Learning and Increasing Your Football IQ


Learn, learn and learn some more. One can never have too much knowledge. You’ll be amazed at how much information there is regarding youth football.

I have either run or defended many kinds of offenses including Power I, Single Wing, A11, Multiple Pro, Double Wing, Wing T and Run and Shoot. I pride myself on having a complete understanding of the offense and defense I will be running for the current season.

Since scouting is a very important aspect of the youth football coaching year you will want to have an understanding of a variety of offense and defense schemes. It makes it much easier when you are on the field scouting a team if you are familiar with a variety of schemes.

The defense we have started to rely on is a base 3-4. We also use a 10-1 with a variety of zone blitzes. We will mix up man and zone overages in the secondary depending on the scouting report.

It is important to understand that everything you read or watch must be modified for the age group you’ll be coaching. There is a big difference in what schemes you can run especially with the younger kids. These are kids and need a basic understanding of what you are trying to teach them. Please do not satisfy your own ego by showing what a great coach you are by running something too hard for your kid’s age group.

Other ways to increase your youth football knowledge is to attend local high school meetings, go to clinics (Nike has a big-time clinic that travels), go to camps and continue to pursue knowledge from every available source, including books and DVDs.

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