Compliments Men Should Use While Dating

“A compliment a day keeps bad thoughts away” is what women looks for on their date. Though dating is a very exciting period both for the men as well as women, it becomes a tough job for a guy to think or know what a woman wants to hear from them. Words play a very vital role where success in dating is concerned.

The most imperative factor that women are concerned about is how a man makes them feel. For a strong connection with your like minded companion, it is vital for the guys to remember how hardly they can make her feel any emotion. Compliments win hands down in all situations where women are concerned. They desire for praises since it helps them connect with the man in their life and also give them a sense of purpose.

It doesn’t only apply on women where receiving compliments is a bliss, but it also goes for men. So you know how essential praises are for each and every person. If you want to make her feel sexy, beautiful and confident then create unique compliments for her every time you go on a date.

Some of the tips you need to follow while complimenting women on a date include-

Make her feel sexy and not cheap. Show her how gorgeous she looks in that new outfit of hers but don’t behave as if you are drooling over her. The perfect line here can be as simple as “you look sexy in that dress”. You have to agree that women spend some real time on their appearance and getting ready for their date. Make them realize that it was all worth it and they will definitely feel great when you are around! It will also help you break the ice and start a conversation especially on a first date.

In case she is in a casual outfit, sexy can turn out to be an over statement for the situation. Use charming words where such a condition arises. These are some of the effective sentences you can use to praise her-

You smell incredible!
You really walk gracefully.
You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.

Deliver the right compliment at the right time depending upon the situation you are in.

Eye contact is important. While complimenting her, make sure you look into her eyes. She will be head in over heels with you by seeing your confidence and relaxed personality. Don’t let your eyes loiter around. This may give her an impression of you being untrustworthy.

Smoothness is required. Practice before you apply. Here all you have to do is sound confident and positive while complimenting her. Don’t give her any wrong signals where intentions are concerned.

Tone of voice. Keep a balance where tone is concerned. Don’t sound desperate neither indifferent. Make them feel intense and see sparks happening! Practice it so that you don’t suffer any embarrassment.

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