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How to Create Long Lasting Relationships:

It’s a fact that from when your a little child, till the time you’re a grown adult and begin college, then a profession¬† and marriage, relationships have always been an essential part of your life. It’s your backbone of success at every stage of maturing.¬† But what most of us don’t realize about relationships is that it’s easy to grow your relationship with several people, but it’s very difficult to sustain the dating relationship. Durability is more important then quantity. You have 5 friends who know you in and out through your your twenties. This is an example of a good relationship, rather then having 100 friends whom you can barely manage to keep in touch with.

It is essential to create real long lasting relationships if you want to experience mature love. You must be wondering what could be the key points that one should keep in mind in order to sustain a healthy dating relationship? Let me throw light on some of the simple things that we miss out on, due to the hush-hush of our busy daily schedule, which causes our relationship to weaken.

First and foremost is communication. Often we forget the importance of communication and expression of our inner feelings. Don’t hesitate to call an old friend, even if it’s been 3 months and he has never bothered to call you. Someone has to make the first move. If you have had a fight in the past with someone, feel free to express yourself and tell the other person about what you liked and disliked. Don’t let things get built up in your heart or it would burst like a volcano one day and would spoil your old relationship within seconds. It’s always better to keep the air clear. Good communication is one of the most important elements to maintain a long lasting relationship.

Apart from being a great communicator you must also possess the qualities of being a good listener. You should give an opportunity to the other single daters to speak his or her mind. This way even you would know about the other persons likes and dislikes. When you listen you are sending the message that “I care about you.” Listening many times is more important than your verbal communication. Good listening doesn’t come natural for many people and needs to be developed. The more you do it, the better you will become.

You have to understand that you have to forgive and forget. Life is small enough to live it large. Make many great friends, maintain a healthy relationship and you would never feel any emptiness in life and would be happy with your self for being one of those very few people who succeed in creating long lasting relationships. Long lasting relationships require time and attention. You will have to both commit to seeing the relationship through difficult and calm times. Be willing to get vulnerable and allow your heart to engage. When you put these things into practice you will discover how rewarding and successful your relationship will be.

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