Customized Rugby Jerseys For New Season Of 2015

Customized Rugby Jerseys For New Season Of 2015

Rugby uniforms have seen a vast transform from traditional to designer appearance. Gone of the days when rugby players wore anything they got and play the game. Now there is a tremendous influence of fashion on sports costumes and the game of rugby is no exception to this.

The game of rugby involves rigorous physical activities. Players have to push & throw each other in order to possess the ball. So it is necessary to manufacture rugby shirts with good quality fabric. This ensures strength to withstand harsh playing conditions along with durability & reliability. Apart from this, one more fact should have to be kept in mind while manufacturing these. This fact is the flexibility and comfort level of players during game. They have to run, throw & jump during the game. So it is necessary that the fabric should be skin friendly so that it can offer optimum comfort to players during the game.

Previously in the last decade cotton was the most preferred choice of fabric to develop rugby clothing. But with the advancement in the field of chemical sciences, hydro carbon family has seen tremendous development. Owing to this polyester fabric emerges as the preferred choice. It offers full flexibility along with durability & long.

Taking about designs, in the past rugby jerseys were designed in traditional designs with very low color patterns. But with the commencement of new fashion trends in the fashion world the designers are creating these in exclusive shades & designs in order to offer elegant appearance to the team. Computer tools & software like coral or photoshop are being extensively used by the designers to meet the demands of the clients. Currently, colorful stripes are highly demanded by clubs & teams.

Sublimation printing technique is widely employed to offer flawless designs & patterns. In this technique, computer graphics & designs are directly gets imprinted on the transferable medium. From the transferable medium these gets printed on the polyester fabric. These designs are employed for offering customized designs with player name, team name & logo.

These designs have various attributes. First of all, these are developed as per prevailing fashion trends in order to offer unique shades to the team. These designs and color patterns are exclusive created with the use of software & graphics.

Customized rugby jerseys are widely demanded in rugby playing nations. These are created as per the demand of the clubs. This certainly boosts the performance & confidence level of players, making the team invincible.

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