Dating Someone Outside Your Career Level


While it seems “natural” for many people to date within their financial “class”, this severely limits your potential dates…and you could be missing out on meeting some fantastic people. Why do some people feel that they need to date someone who’s on the same place on the “totem pole” as they are? There are several reasons….both a man or woman may feel that they want a partner who has the same goals and aspirations as they do. Some, sadly, look down on others who haven’t reached the same financial heights that they have…without ever getting to know who that person is on the inside. However, both a scientist and a freelance artist can both be very motivated and very enthusiastic about their work and they can have tons of things in common.

In addition, no matter what you’ve chosen for a career, or in some cases, which career has “chosen you”, isn’t the end goal to find someone fantastic to share your life with?

Let’s concentrate on that for a moment! Putting money issues aside, if you make a list of the top 5 qualities that you’re looking for in another person, let’s say humor, honesty, a zest for life, a love of sci-fi movies and a non-smoker…if you limit yourself to looking only at those who are on the same financial level as you are, you are going to miss out on a lot of great potential dates.

Additionally, unless you take time to get to know a person, you have no idea just why they have such a different career as you do. Take a moment to think outside the “dating box”. Perhaps that call service rep is taking night classes to become an X-ray tech. Or maybe that coffee shop worker took the job because it fits in with her schedule and she has other priorities, maybe volunteering…or maybe she simply has a passion for life experiences and values other qualities as being more important than money. And you know what? Even if she hasn’t climbed the corporate ladder due to life’s circumstances or a lack of “formal” education, if you take the time to get to know her you could find that she is one person who can make you smile and the only one who “gets” your jokes.

Women who have reached financial success should think for a moment if that cute guy who’s painting the house down the street just might be the one who could make their heart could swoon. Men should take a moment to think about the qualities that make for a great partner, aside from money. And for anyone who feels that they need to protect their savings, any mature couple should be able to discuss finances, coming to fair compromises….and “I do’s” can always be done with a pre-nup.

When all is said and done, you have to ask yourself if is it better to limit yourself to only those on your carrier level and be alone…or open yourself up to other opportunities and potentially find your soul mate.

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