Dish TV Dishes it Out


It’s been a long day at work, so you walk in, kick off your shoes, take off your jacket or loosen your tie, stretch, and then stretch out on the couch. You start flipping through channels, trying to find something good to watch. Click. Bad soap opera. Click. Cartoons, but none of the oldies, but goodies. Click. Manatees. Click. Fuzzy football game. There’s only ten or less more clicks until you start back at channel one (or, rather three.). Either way, you’re stuck watching bland, tasteless TV shows that you don’t want to watch, but end up getting sucked in anyways. But what about your childhood dreams? Didn’t you want to become a premier chef? True you can’t do that now, but you can still watch cooking shows and learn how to prepare new meals… Except the cooking shows don’t come on until after you’ve left for work and long before you’re going to get home! You don’t get to enjoy the shows OR live your dream!

So you start thinking about Dish TV…it seems like a pretty good idea….but what can it do for you? After all, you don’t have a lot of money to dish out-you’ve got a family to feed, babies to save for, and a mortgage to cover. You’re just barely making it comfortable right now. Trying to do something as drastic as get better TV…well, it’s a big deal!

But it isn’t nearly as hard as you think, and it has so much to offer you that it’s completely worth the extra effort!

Here are a few suggestions for being able to afford Dish TV:

1. Collect cans. It might take quite a few cans, but it’s still not half bad.

2. Write articles online. If you write just three little articles a day, you’ll be able to afford Dish TV four times over in that one month, depending on the package that you choose!

3. Teach a skill for five dollars per class. Maybe you know quite a bit about woodworking. If you teach a month-long class and have at least five students per class, there’s your whole bill covered, no worries! Plus there’s the added benefit of teaching others something fun and worthwhile.

4. Just work a few hours overtime. Not so many that you leave and the little ones start crying because they don’t think you’re coming back because of how long you’re gone, but just two or three hours, before or after your usual time. Maybe three and a half. Either way, it’s barely anything and won’t detract that much from your family time.

5. Stop eating out as much. If you simply don’t eat at MacDonalds for nine days at three dollars per meal, you have more than enough to get Dish TV. It might seem a little crazy, but all you would have to do is take in leftovers or brown bag it.

Keep in mind that this may seem like a lot, but you only have to do one to get ten times the channels that you have with regular, bland TV-and you still get the bland TV too!

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